Author : Jeannette Augustus Marks
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Publisher :
ISBN : UOM:39015068647232
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 152

Author : Jack Erickson
Category : Fiction
Publisher : RedBrick Press
ISBN : 9781301336371
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 330

Sylvia de Matteo, an American single mother, is taken hostage by terrorists during a political assassination at Stazione Centrale, Milan’s train station. She is seized at gunpoint and thrown into the back of a van. Moments later, a Paris-bound train with Sylvia's fiancé and ten-year old daughter aboard departs Centrale without Sylvia. The terrorists drive Sylvia to a warehouse where she is imprisoned in a cell. When the terrorists discover Sylvia's father is a wealthy Wall Street investment banker, they demand a ransom for her safe release.

Author : Jenny Overton
Category : Children's stories
Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN : 0192752138
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 132

This is the heart-warming story of how three of the Kitson children help the wealthy merchant woo their older sister Annaple with a different gift for each of the twelve days of Christmas - with hilarious results! But as the house groans at the seams with partridges, calling birds, swans, maids-a-milking, etc., will Annaple really succumb to the romance of it all, or will she just want the house returned to its normal, tidy state!

Author : Terri Kaye Duncan
Category : Young Adult Nonfiction
Publisher : The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
ISBN : 9781725342194
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 128

The words "nuclear war" strike fear into the hearts of people all over the world. Movies and books depict the apocalyptic aftermath of such an event. While fictitious accounts may not be totally accurate, in October 1962, the United States came perilously close to finding out the reality of such a catastrophe during the Cuban Missile Crisis. For thirteen days, the country teetered on the verge of nuclear war. Through engaging text, accompanied by dynamic images and intriguing sidebars, students will learn exactly how close the nation came to World War III and how the country was pulled back from the brink.

Author : Patrick Carman
Category : Young Adult Fiction
Publisher : Hachette UK
ISBN : 9780316088800
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 304

You are indestructible. Three whispered words transfer an astonishing power to Jacob Fielding that changes everything. At first, Jacob is hesitant to use the power, unsure of its implications. But there's something addictive about testing the limits of fear. Then Ophelia James, the beautiful and daring new girl in town, suggests that they use the power to do good, to save others. But with every heroic act, the power grows into the specter of a curse. How to decide who lives and who dies? In this nail-biting novel of mystery and dark intrigue, Jacob must walk the razor thin line between right and wrong, good and evil, and life and death. And time is running out. Because the Grim Reaper doesn't disappear. . . . He catches up.

Author : Nellie Beetham Stark
Category : Religion
Publisher : Xulon Press
ISBN : 9781597812870
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 298

Come put another log on the fire on a frosty Christmas Eve with the whole family gathered around and listen to a tale of Merry Old England and Christmases long passed.

Author : Leo Hunt
Category : Juvenile Fiction
Publisher : Hachette UK
ISBN : 9781408337479
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 384

A thrilling supernatural adventure: dark, funny, with twists at every turn. Shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Prize 2016. When Luke Manchett's estranged father dies suddenly, he leaves his son a dark inheritance. Luke has been left in charge of his father's ghost collection: eight restless spirits. They want revenge for their long enslavement, and in the absence of the father, they're more than happy to take his son. It isn't fair, but you try and reason with the vengeful dead. Halloween, the night when the ghosts reach the height of their power, is fast approaching. With the help of school witchlet Elza Moss, and his cowardly dog Ham, Luke has just thirteen days to uncover the closely guarded secrets of black magic, and send the unquiet spirits to their eternal rest. The alternative doesn't bear thinking about.

Author : Ramsey Campbell
Category : Fiction
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 9781787580343
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 288

“An absolute master of modern horror. And a damn fine writer at that”- Guillermo del Toro It’s Ray’s and Sandra’s first family holiday in Greece, on the island of Vasilema. The skies are cloudier than anywhere else in Greece, and they’re intrigued by local eccentricities—the lack of mirrors, the outsize beach umbrellas, the saint’s day celebrated with an odd nocturnal ritual. Why are there islanders who seem to follow the family wherever they go? Why do Sandra and the teenage grandchildren have strangely similar dreams? Has Sandra been granted a wish she didn’t know she made? Before their holiday is over, some of the family may learn too much about the secret that keeps the island alive. FLAME TREE PRESS is the new fiction imprint of Flame Tree Publishing. Launching in 2018 the list brings together brilliant new authors and the more established; the award winners, and exciting, original voices.

Author : Bombay (Presidency)
Category : Bombay (India)
Publisher :
ISBN : UIUC:30112089215880
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 856

Author : Bruce Scofield
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 9781591439479
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 1174

A contemporary and practical guide to Mayan astrological techniques • Discusses the logic and meaning of the 20 day-signs of the Mayan calendar • Explains the many cycles of Mayan astrology, such as the 9-day cycle of the Night Lords and the 13-day trecena • Contains extensive tables of Mayan astrological data, allowing readers to cast their own Mayan horoscopes How to Practice Mayan Astrology presents a contemporary guide to one of the most sophisticated astrological systems ever developed. Like other ancient peoples, the Maya looked to the cycles of the planets as markers of time and designators of order. The predictable cycles they observed became codified in the Mayan calendar and astrological system as a way of organizing the seeming chaos of human life. Mayan astrology is based on 20 named days that are cycled 13 times to create a 260-day calendar, the Tzolkin. The authors explain the symbolism, logic, and meaning of the 20 day-signs; how these signs reflect 260 possible personality types; and how they can be used for divination. They also explain the important role of the Four Directions and the planet Venus in one’s personality matrix and life issues. Included are extensive, easy-to-use tables of Mayan astrological data, allowing readers to determine their day-signs, to see how these signs are also influenced by the cycle of the Night Lords and the 13-day trecena, and to cast their own horoscopes.