Author : Fredrik Eklund
Category : Business & Economics
Publisher : Hachette UK
ISBN : 9780349408194
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 320

'With The Sell, Fredrik Eklund has created the modern day How to Win Friends and Influence People. If you're looking for how to achieve success in the 21st century, the answer is in your hands' Tom Doctoroff, CEO, J. Walter Thompson, and author of Twitter is Not a Strategy Just over a decade ago, Fredrik Eklund moved to New York City from his native Sweden with nothing but a worn-out pair of sneakers and a dream: to make it big in the city that never sleeps. Despite having no experience in real estate and no contacts, Fredrik transformed himself into the best seller in the most competitive real estate market on the planet, brokering multimillion-dollar deals for celebrities, selling out properties all over the city and charming TV audiences as one of the stars of Million Dollar Listing New York. Blending personal stories and the expertise he's gained from his meteoric rise, The Sell is the modern guide to becoming successful. Featuring everything from the importance of intangible factors like personality and charm, to tips and tricks for preparing, persuading and negotiating, The Sell is a vital go-to book for anyone who wants to have an impact in his or her personal and professional life. No matter what your background is - sales rep, CEO or kitchen-table entrepreneur - this book will help you sell yourself or your brand, and lead a richer, more fulfilling life.

Author : Elizabeth Lyon
Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
Publisher : Penguin
ISBN : 0399528288
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 328

ENHANCE YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING YOUR NOVEL PUBLISHED WITH THIS ONE-OF-A-KIND GUIDE Writers often spend years perfecting their first novel—then hit a dead end when it comes to getting it published. Learning to market your novel will make it stand out from the thousands of other books clamoring for the attention of an ever shrinking number of publishers. In this book, Elizabeth Lyon offers the wisdom of more than twenty years of experience as an author, book editor, writing instructor, and marketing consultant. Step-by-step, she details what editors want, what questions to ask them, and how to develop a marketing strategy. You will learn: · How to categorize your novel, and the sixteen ways of describing it · Nine ways of selling your novel · Descriptions of the jobs of literary agent, editor, and writer · Examples of actual story synopses, and successful query letters—in all the genres · How to prepare sample chapters · Thirty questions a writer needs to ask a prospective agent

Author : Marsha Collier
Category : Business & Economics
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 9780470048108
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 339

No matter what you want to sell on eBay—auto parts or designer apparel…weird, unique wares or pricey antiques—the principles and basic rules for successful listings are the same. eBay Listings That Sell For Dummies follows the advice it gives you for your ads—it tells you what you need to know without bogging you down with lots of fluff and peripheral stuff. From the mechanics to descriptive ad copy to photography to getting it on eBay, this guide covers: eBay options that can boost the appeal of your listings, including Buy It Now (BIN), Subtitle, Bold Title, Highlight, Box border, Home Page Featured, Featured Plus!, and Gallery Picture (a must) Constructing catchy listings with a title that sells and keywords that pay off eBay Acronyms you’ll need to know Tackling and completing eBay’s Sell Your Item form HTML formatting basics plus some free JavaScript scripts you can use to dress up your listing Embedding images, creating thumbnails, and adding bells and whistles (or not) Buying a digital camera for taking eBay photos and equipping your “studio” Lighting correctly, and using the Cloud Dome, light cubes, panels, and umbrellas Retrieving your images and uploading them to a server (your free ISP space, AOL, eBay, eBay’s Picture Manager, or others) Editing your photos, including cropping, enhancing, resizing, sharpening, and more A checklist of techniques for preparing elegant, fast-loading images for your ads Sprucing up your eBay store Posting your listing to other sites such as,, and Automating with HTML Generators, including eBay’s Turbo Lister, or Third-Party HTML generators such as Launcher or the authors’ free tool from Written by eBay pros Marsha Collier, a successful PowerSeller, and Patti Louise Ruby, a trainer at eBay University events and eBay Live, eBay Listings That Sell For Dummies is loaded with tricks of the trade. It’s complete with step-by-step instructions for many tasks, tables and checklists, lots of screen shots, and examples of good and bad ads. With this friendly guide, your merchandise will quickly be going…going…gone on eBay.

Author : Robert Sawyer
Category : Design
Publisher : AVA Publishing
ISBN : 9782940373468
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 187

Kiss & Sell- Writing for Advertising (Redesigned & Rekissed) is an exploration of all aspects of copywriting. The book discusses different subjects and media, from print and broadcast to interactive media, as well as tactics and strategies employed by copywriters. The text is supported by insightful interviews with leading practitioners and a wide variety of some of the most successful advertising copy ever produced. Kiss & Sell does not judge the work it uses to illustrate its various points. There are no right and wrong examples. Instead, the book helps students as well as professionals to distinguish between their tastes or preferences and an objective or critical reading of the examples.

Author : Greta Schulz
Category : Business & Economics
Publisher : iUniverse
ISBN : 1440107491
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 197

"Greta defines what it means to sell without selling. The true value of this book is that it can be equally applied by the sales veteran and the rookie. To Sell is Not to Sell lets you see that selling is about having a mutually beneficial relationship and creating the true Win-Win." Frank DeRaffele, Nationally Syndicated Host of the Entrepreneurial Excellence Radio Show Greta Schulz is amazing! She takes the process of selling to a whole different level. If you're willing to follow her advice you will learn how to stop selling and start making some real money. It will change your sales career. Everyone should read this book!! Sue Eusepi, Aflac Regional Sales Coordinator Our Sales executives give Greta's training an A+. Ray Shaw, President and CEO of American City Business Journal Past President of Dow Jones.

Author : Nick Vulich
Category : Business & Economics
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781312314627
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 171

eBay, Amazon, Etsy, & Fiverr So many choices How do you decide? Which site is right for your online business? Many books promise to share the secrets to getting wealthy selling online. They tell you to sell this or that product, or to try this top secret listing method, or to sign up for this course. But, that's all they are - promises. Sell It Online is different. It's written by a real eBay Power Seller and Top Rated Seller. One who's been selling on eBay and Amazon for over fifteen years. Most importantly, Sell It Online doesn't make any crazy promises that you'll make a million dollars overnight selling on any of these sites. It's not going to happen. It also doesn't tell you that you can make three thousand dollars a month following my method, because those kinds of promises don't make sense. Anyone can make money selling online. But, you aren't going to make a fortune following someone else's plan.

Author : Zachary Humphrey
Category : Business & Economics
Publisher : Atlantic Publishing Company
ISBN : 9781601389459
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 288

In this completely revised new second edition, learn where to find products that you can buy for a few cents on the dollar and resell for massive profits! You will be provided detailed information on wholesalers, drop shippers, closeouts, discontinued merchandise, overstocks, customer returns, liquidators, foreign and domestic manufacturers and more. All products are covered.

Author : Nicholas Malino
Category :
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781411615700
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 335

This is an comprehensive manual that should be read by business owner's who are considering selling their business. The book goes into fine detail about the M&A (Merger and Acquisition) process related particularly to companies in the lower end of the middle market. Typically those with revenues between $5 million and $100 million. It contains information on finding the "Ideal Buyer" as well as how best to prepare and what to expect during the sales process. Also contain latest information on valuations and which industries are most in demand, as well as sample documents of Letters of Intent, Purchase/Sale Agreements, Executive Summaries, and Confidential Information Memoranda

Author : Lee Rowley
Category : Art
Publisher : Atlantic Publishing Company
ISBN : 9781601381460
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 290

You are creative, you are an artist or a photographer, you have a hobby or craft, something you absolutely love to do, and you are good at it. But you may be asking yourself, How do I market my work? This book shows how to sell your artwork or crafts even if you have no experience with marketing and even if you hate to sell.

Author : L. Paul Hood, Jr.
Category : Business & Economics
Publisher : Paul Hood Services
ISBN : 9781647043438
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book :

“Paul's book is written in plain language that even a client can understand, yet it still manages to cover virtually all of the key issues that a business owner needs to address…. Buy this book.” —Howard M. Zaritsky, Esq., co-author, Structuring Buy-Sell Agreements: Analysis with Forms, Second Edition. “Paul is extremely knowledgeable about buy-sell agreements, valuation and estate planning for the business owner. He clearly has a passion for the topic and depth of experience that shows throughout the breadth of the work.” —Edwin P. Morrow III, J.D., LL.M., CFP®, Huntington National Bank, co-author, The Tools & Techniques of Estate Planning (19th Ed.) A buy-sell agreement (BSA) must set the rules of transition for a closely-held business. Author L. Paul Hood, Jr. shares 30+ years of experience writing BSAs to help business owners avoid the ugly consequences of a poorly drafted BSA. You’ll learn about: Types of BSA agreements BSA trigger events Tax consequences of BSAs Best practices for best outcomes Filled with expert information, handy checklists, and useful templates, Buy-Sell Agreements: The Last Will & Testament for Your Business will help you prepare a quality BSA as well as be the lifeline for your business in times of transition.