Author : Sharon L. Eibisberger
Category : Fiction
Publisher : iUniverse
ISBN : 9781440126529
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 268

Caroline and Jason White check out the rustic log cabin theyd rented on the pristine shores of Georgian Bay. This was to be the Canadian vacation of their dreams. For the next three weeks they were planning on enjoy the three Rsrest, relaxation, and romance away from the hectic pace of their New York lifestyles. Exploring alone, Caroline finds herself fleeing a fierce thunderstorm. Backtracking to the cabin, she takes a wrong path and gets helplessly lost. While seeking temporary shelter in an old, decrepit shed she discovers the kidnap victim shed read about in the local paper. The woman, bound and gagged was imprisoned in a root cellar. Carolines thwarted attempt at a rescue finds her with the end of a cold steel shotgun pressed against her back. Back at the cabin, Jason, a private detective, paces the floor. He cant imagine where his wife could be during the ferocious storm, or why she doesnt return after the storm subsides. Caroline and the woman lay side by side in the darkness, now victims of a crazed madman. The two young women must find a way to save themselves before their captor returns and digs graves for two.

Author : Darshan
Category : Fiction
Publisher : Partridge Publishing
ISBN : 9781482874013
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 224

The book deals with variety of themes. The most appreciable thing about the themes is that the themes are quite new and make the readers feel that they are connected to their lives. The ideas are put in such way that it makes the reader feel that whatever happens in the lives of the characters resemble somewhere to his life. Most of the stories are tragic in nature and on reading the tragedies of the characters, the readers are bound to be moved. The book provides new reading experience to the readers. Emotions dealt with are so powerful that they compel the reader to read the book from the beginning till the end. Some stories carry suspense and to understand it, the reader has to wait till the end of the stories. Unexpected happenings, games of destiny, human errors committed unknowingly, failure and final demolition of the characters and sudden rise in the lives of the characters attract the readers towards the book. The stories are so novel that every reader who has a feel for reading and whose favorite genre is short stories would read this book without fail.

Author : Robin McKinley
Category : Young Adult Fiction
Publisher : Open Road Media
ISBN : 9781497673694
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 249

Award-winning author Robin McKinley tells an enthralling story of magic, love, and redemption, based on the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast. Once upon a time, a wealthy merchant had three daughters. When his business failed, he moved his daughters to the countryside. The youngest daughter, Beauty, is fascinated by the thorny stems of a mysterious plant that overwhelms their neglected cottage. She tends the plant until it blossoms with the most beautiful flowers the sisters have ever seen—roses. Admiring the roses, an old woman tells Beauty, “Roses are for love.” And she speaks of a sorcerers’ battle many years ago that left a beast in an enchanted palace, and a curse concerning a family of three sisters . . . The Newbery Medal–winning author’s charming retelling of the classic fairy tale weaves a tangled story of sorcery, loyalty, and love that is sure to cast a spell on readers.

Author : Amy Lynn
Category : Christian life
Publisher :
ISBN : 1581690517
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 164

Author : Edwin M. Best
Category : Poetry
Publisher : Dorrance Publishing
ISBN : 9781480974852
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 38

Broken Promise by Edwin M. Best These few lines of stanza were written over a few years. After having to move so many times and seeing the handwritten words start to fade off the pages they were written on, author Edwin M. Best decided to type them up before they completely disappeared. After typing up a few, it only made sense to share it with the world. The funny thing is life is like poetry written on a few pages; unless you take care of those pages, the writing will eventually fade away. We all have been through some rough relationships. We all have tried to do things to impress the opposite sex. We all have lost something, whether it’s a relationship, a loved one, or even time. This book is about all those things and the Broken Promises to one another and even to ourselves.

Author : Robin D. Gill
Category : Literary Criticism
Publisher : Paraverse Press
ISBN : 9780974261867
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 739

Cherry Blossom Epiphany - the poetry and philosophy of a flowering tree - a selection, translation and lengthy explication of 3000 haiku, waka, senryû and kyôka about a major theme from I.P.O.O.H. (In Praise Of Olde Haiku)by robin d. gill 1. Haiku -Translation from Japanese to English 2. Japanese poetry - 8c-20c - waka, haiku and senryû 3. Natural History - flowering cherries 4. Japan - Culture - Edo Era 5. Nonfiction - Literature 6. Translation - applied 7. You tell me! If the solemn yet happy New Year's is the most important celebration of Japanese (Yamato) ethnic culture, and the quiet aesthetic practice of Moon-viewing in the fall the most elegant expression of Pan-Asian Buddhism=religion, the subject of this book, Blossom-viewing - which generally means sitting down together in vast crowds to drink, dance, sing and otherwise enjoy the flowering cherry in full-bloom - is less a rite than a riot (a word originally meaning an 'uproar'). The major carnival of the year, it is unusual for being held on a date that is not determined by astronomy, astrology or the accidents of history as most such events are in literate cultures. It takes place whenever the cherry trees are good and ready. Enjoyed in the flesh, the blossom-viewing, or hanami, is also of the mind, so much so, in fact, that poetry is often credited with the spread of the practice over the centuries from the Imperial courts to the maids of Edo. Nobles enjoyed link-verse contests presided over by famous poet-judges. Hermits hung poems feting this flower of flowers (to say the generic "flower" = hana in Japanese connotes "cherry!") on strips of paper from the branches of lone trees where only the wind would read them. In the Occident, too, flowers embody beauty and serve as reminders of mortality, but there is no flower that, like the cherry blossom, stands for all flowers. Even the rose, by any name, cannot compare with the sakura in depth and breadth of poetic trope or viewing practice. In Cherry Blossom Epiphany, Robin D. Gill hopes to help readers experience, metaphysically, some of this alternative world. Haiku is a hyper-short (17-syllabet or 7-beat) Japanese poem directly or indirectly touching upon seasonal phenomena, natural or cultural. Literally millions of these ku have been written, some, perhaps, many times, about the flowering cherry (sakura), and the human activity associated with it, blossom-viewing (hanami). As the most popular theme in traditional haiku (haikai), cherry-blossom ku tend to be overlooked by modern critics more interested in creativity expressed with fresh subjects; but this embarrassment of riches has much to offer the poet who is pushed to come up with something, anything, different from the rest and allows the editor to select from what is, for all practical purposes, an infinite number of ku. Literary critics, take note: Like Rise, Ye Sea Slugs! (2003) and Fly-ku! (2004), this book not only explores new ways to anthologize poetry but demonstrates the practice of multiple readings (an average of two per ku) as part of a composite translation turned into an object of art by innovative clustering. Book-collectors might further note that while Cherry Blossom Epiphany may not be hardback, it takes advantage of the many symbols included with Japanese font to introduce design ornamentation (the circle within the circle, the reverse (Buddhist) swastika, etc.) hitherto not found in English language print. It is a one-of-a-kind work of design by the author.

Author : James Hogan
Category : Motion pictures
Publisher : Paulist Press
ISBN : 9780809144587
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 205

"This book takes on topics where critics fear to tread, into the moral and religious areas of life that really matter to ordinary people." James Hogan takes twenty popular films that have withstood the test of time-including Star Wars, Rain Man, Amadeus, The Shawshank Redemption, Groundhog Day, The Truman Show, and Forrest Gump-and discusses them with a view toward extracting lessons of Christian morality and, where appropriate, drawing parallels with the life of Jesus. Youth groups, adult film-discussion groups, and college and high-school classes on film will find this a valuable resource, particularly because the author has intentionally avoided movies about overtly religious topics. A set of reflection and discussion questions for each film facilitates use of the book in a group setting. Book jacket.

Author : A. Lonergan
Category : Young Adult Fiction
Publisher : Night Shade Press LLC
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 213

Prince Julien is familiar with curses. He has to be, as the son of Belle and Prince Adam. When he is summoned to a Fae kingdom, he quickly learns there is much he didn’t know about his father’s curse and the beast he was. He also learns that he wasn’t sent to the kingdom out of good graces, but to pay off a debt that isn’t his. Under the care of the dark Fae, he finds himself in an impossible situation: sacrifice everything for family or lose himself for love.

Author : A. Holding
Category : Science
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN : 9789400934375
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 196

When in 1 980 I wrote the foreword to The Art of Roya//cing I wished my friend Audrey Holding every success for her book; I was convinced that its appearance would fill a real gap in the literature then available by providing a comprehensive but simple and practicable guide to the techniques used in royal icing. Now. six years later. with The Art of Roya//cing sold widely throughout the world. I know that Audrey's second book on this subject is assured of success. In it she has developed many of the ideas presented in her first book. and she takes the cake-decorator through the stages of intricate techniques which would normally be regarded as beyond the competence of the amateur. With Audrey's guidance (and lots of patient practice!) we can all become experts. JUNE ELWOOD M. lnst. B. B. , M. e. FA(e. G) Cake Artistry Studio. Swinton, Manchester, UK v Preface My first book. The Art of Royal Icing * set out to explain the craft to those who had no previous knowledge of the subject. In this book. I hope to go one stage further and expand the ideas and techniques formulated in The Art of Royal Icing. especially in relation to runout figure piping. In order to avoid repetition. some basics have been omitted. enabling other areas to be dealt with in greater detail.

Author : MC Price
Category : Fiction
Publisher : AuthorHouse
ISBN : 9781496932488
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 210

Somewhere between a paperboy’s first cup of chicory coffee and the memories of the Madam who inspired Belle Watling of Gone With the Wind fame, there lies a story of sex, secrets and spiritual redemption. Interweaving portals to the past with the magic of a Spirit Guide called back to his lover’s deathbed, Belle Brezing is a haunting love story about a loyal paperboy on a high-stakes mission: To guide his former lover to remember the secret that forged her rise to fame but closed her heart to love. Belle Brezing, the novel, takes a look at the woman who died in virtual isolation in 1940, decades after her business was closed by the Army in 1917. Brezing was a nationally known southern Madam whose obituary appeared on the front of the NY Times as well as Time Magazine. (1863-1940) Belle Brezing was a charismatic woman who brought herself out of poverty and an emotionally and physically painful early childhood. Shedding light on the connections of a wounded past and a life lived in quiet desperation, the award-winning novel Belle Brezing exposes the scandals and secrets of this dynamic woman whose life parallels timely issues in the arena of prostitution and sex trafficking.