Author : Lawrence M. Krauss
Category : Science
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 9781471138560
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 224

'A great educator as well as a great physicist?' Richard Dawkins In the beginning there was light but more than this, there was gravity. After that, all hell broke loose... This is how the story of the greatest intellectual adventure in history should be introduced - how humanity reached its current understanding of the universe, one that is far removed from the realm of everyday experience. Krauss connects the world we know with the invisible world all around us, which is removed from intuition and direct sensation. He explains our current understanding of nature and the struggle to construct the greatest theoretical edifice ever assembled, the Standard Model of Particle Physics -- and then to understand its implications for our existence. Writing in the critically acclaimed style of A Universe from Nothing, Krauss celebrates the beauty and wonders of the natural world and details our place within it and how this shapes our understanding of it. Krauss makes this story accessible through profiles of the scientists responsible for these advances, and clear explanations of their discoveries. Krauss takes us on a tour of science and the brilliant personalities who shaped it, often against political and religious indoctrination, enduring persecution and ostracism. Krauss creates a captivating blend of research and narrative to invite us into the lives and minds of these figures,creating a landmark work of scientific history.

Author : David Hernandez
Category : Religion
Publisher : Dorrance Publishing
ISBN : 9781434962997
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 387

Is God fact or fiction? This is the question that has been the subject of debate for millennia, oftentimes leading to violence, as we have seen in the countless religious wars throughout the course of history, including the Islamic and Christian wars of today. The Greatest Story Ever Forged discusses this question, and outlines the fabrications giving birth to these monotheistic religions, their early developments, and how they have tyrannized the West and Middle East for these many centuries. Though there have been many defenders of the faith, David Hernandez shows how these religions have infinitely caused more damage to man than any good they have ever been credited for having done. This is what he calls ''the Curse of the Christ Myth, '' which derives from ''the big lie'' as propounded by the inventors of the Christ Myth, who battled as fiercely among themselves as they did against their detractors or non-believers. These include everyone from the Jews to the Pagans to the Gnostics to the heretics, and any form of ''infidels'' in an effort to establish their ''true'' religions.

Author : Bobby Ewe Kong Sng
Category : Bible
Publisher : Armour Publishing Pte Ltd
ISBN : 9814222437
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Page book : 268

Author : Leonard Sweet
Category : Religion
Publisher : Abingdon Press
ISBN : 9781426756061
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Page book : 160

God raises up Methodists for such a time as this. Here is a ditty Len Sweet’s Methodist grandfather used to sing: A Methodist, a Methodist will I be A Methodist will I die. I’ve been baptized in the Methodist way And I’ll live on the Methodist side. What “genius” of Methodism inspired this kind of love and loyalty in the earlier years of the faith? What did it mean to live in “the Methodist way” and to die on “the Methodist side?” Perhaps it is time to resurrect a neo-Wesleyan identity and to challenge the prevailing “one-calorie Methodism” that characterizes so much of our tribe today. What makes a Methodist? How can we re-ignite the spark of genius that motivated such commitment in our cloud of witnesses? The essence of Methodism’s genius resides in two famous Wesleyan mantras: “heart strangely warmed” (inward experiences with a fire in the heart) and “the world is our parish” (outward experiences with waterfalls of cutting-edge intelligence). For Wesley, internal combustion, the former, led to external combustion, the latter. In the 18th century, Methodists in general (and in their younger years, the Wesley brothers themselves) were accused of being too “sexy.” What else could all those “love feasts” and “strangely warmed hearts” be about? Why else were all those women in positions of leadership? With this book the author hopes to bring back to life some of Methodism’s sexiness so that our current reproduction crisis can be reversed.

Author : Dan Sandler
Category : Religion
Publisher : Whitaker House
ISBN : 9780996569583
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 113

Sometimes the greatest story ever told never really gets told… Believers and unbelievers alike see God and his Word through our own lenses, unintentionally filtering truth and seeking out teachers and communities whose image of God resembles our own. As a result, we have had conflict between religions, denominations, and those with opposing views for two millennia about the same story. Comprised of layers of thought, The Greatest Story Never Told invites students of the Bible to lay down what they think they know about God’s Word and begin an adventure into the unknown by reading, observing, and looking at what might be to become like children again and experience the great story of the gospel with new eyes. Taking this posture toward Scripture, Daniel gives specific tools on how to read (and reread) the Bible through the lens of shifting cultural values, language characteristics, elements of story, patterns of thought, and driving national narratives of the biblical authors. Christ-followers will be challenged to rethink long-held suppositions, and to better understand the unfolding revelation God offers, bringing us to intellectually honest theological positions.

Author : Audrey Carr
Category : Religion
Publisher : iUniverse
ISBN : 9781491706008
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 181

The story of Jesus is well-known worldwide. But have you ever wondered if it is the true and complete story of the Savior? Could there be more to the Son of God? Author Audrey Carr addresses those questions in The Greatest Story Never Told: An Advanced Understanding of Christianity. She not only presents the real story of Jesus, in which he did not die on the cross, but also includes his unitary gospel of “oneness with God” that traditional Christianity has missed. Quoting from highly documented, scholarly works, this story of Jesus incorporates Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism. With details and maps of his many years in India, Carr provides a photograph of his real tomb in Kashmir. Carr also offers information about meditation techniques he practiced, for Jesus was not a Christian but a Hindu-Buddha! “The Kingdom of Heaven” was his term for Enlightened Consciousness. Unlike other scholarly books, The Greatest Story Never Told is intended for the everyday person. Readers will come away with a new, meaningful, life-changing understanding of Jesus and his teachings. Carr seeks to destroy what is false and resuscitate the real truth, beyond all myths, and she reveals the connections between major religions. Spiritually uplifting and challenging, The Greatest Story Never Told is for anyone who is ready for an advanced understanding of Jesus and all the other God-men of the ages who have realized their divine identity.

Author : G. A. Hood
Category : Religion
Publisher : Dorrance Publishing
ISBN : 9781480902022
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Page book : 180

Author : Elvis Newman
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Publisher : Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency
ISBN : 9781628571240
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Page book : 189

“What we call imagination is actually the universal library of what’s real. You couldn’t imagine it if it weren’t real somewhere, sometime.” – Terence Mckenna Scientific theories that were once considered right and mighty were later proven wrong. This is the case even with the best and most thorough scrutiny and investigation. There is no knowing when a better scientific theory will come to replace the old. It is clear that the study of Sumerian clay tablets will continue to interest areas of science, history, archaeology, cosmology, and more, due to its continued “effect” of encompassing studies from unrelated fields. The Sumerians were the most extraordinary people who ever lived on the face of the earth. They seemed to come from out of nowhere, and they single-handedly invented civilization when most of the rest of the world was still living in the Stone Age. What’s more, they did it thousands of years before anyone else. The Sumerian civilization was already ancient when it ended in 2004 B.C., twenty centuries before Julius Caesar, sixteen centuries before Socrates, and seven centuries before Tutankhamen.

Author : A.H. Aleksanian
Category : Religion
Publisher : Austin Macauley Publishers
ISBN : 9781398400443
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 188

Jesus: a towering figure in the story of western civilization. A genius, a fiercely intelligent and creative individual, an exceptional strategist and born leader; a man possessing the rarest of spiritual gifts, a remarkable teacher and gifted healer, but here revealed, not as a divine or unreachable being, but as a 'man'. A man who lived through the occupation of his homeland, and faced mounting persecution and astonishing self-doubt to lead his people in a new way. His determination to unshackle religious doctrine and tear down the established hierarchy deemed him radical by Rome and eventually led to his downfall. But his story did not end with crucifixion, for despite the false mark of history, he did not die on the cross. Those that called him ‘Saviour’ rallied, and saved him. This is his true story. In this story, Jesus emerges as a figure astonishingly more remarkable ‘because’ of his humanity.

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Publisher : Reverend Jeffrey Davis
ISBN : 9781617040597
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