Author : David Madison
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Publisher : Tellectual Press
ISBN : 194289712X
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An all-powerful God who permits unspeakable horrors and sent a Son who threatened more to come, forever, to those who don't believe in him. An inspired holy book that turns out to be full of archaic nonsense, moral failures, and contradictions. A world of disagreement not just between Christians and other religions, but within Christianity itself. Blood sacrifice and a tale of the walking dead as the very foundation of faith. These are just a few aspects of Ten very Tough Problems that David Madison describes in this wonderfully deep yet humorous dismantling of his former faith. Combining rigorous scholarship with engaging personal reflections and refreshing wit, he offers understanding and even some laughs while walking with readers past the gravestones of Christian thought and belief.

Author : John W. Loftus
Category : Religion
Publisher : Ockham Publishing Group
ISBN : 9781839191596
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Page book : 408

To most people on the planet, the existence of Jesus is a given: “Of course he did!” They take it for granted that he existed simply because it reaffirms their faith. But to the rest of us who don't believe in a supernatural Jesus, the question of the historicity of Jesus is not simple. There are thousands of different ideas about to what extent the Jesus tales were based on a real man, or men, or woman... Did Jesus even exist, and if not, what best explains the rise of such a character in the New Testament? That is where John W. Loftus and Robert M. Price come in. Each with decades of experience in the fields of theology and Christian history, Loftus and Price have compiled essays from some of the top authorities on Jesus mythicism to establish the world's first academic catalogue of mythicist beliefs. Experts who provided chapters include David Fitzgerald, Joseph Atwill, Michael Lockwood, and more! The question is no longer simply, "Did Jesus even exist?" In this compilation, you'll find yourself questioning everything about the Christ story and how it truly began.

Author : John W. Loftus
Category : Religion
Publisher : Ockham Publishing Group
ISBN : 9781839190094
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 1709

For as long as the idea of “miracles” has been in the public sphere, the conversation about them has been shaped exclusively by religious apologists and Christian leaders. The definitions for what a miracles are have been forged by the same men who fought hard to promote their own beliefs as fitting under that umbrella. It’s time for a change. Enter John W. Loftus, an atheist author who has earned three master’s degrees from Lincoln Christian Seminary and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Loftus, a former student of noted Christian apologist William Lane Craig, got some of the biggest names in the field to contribute to this book, which represents a critical analysis of the very idea of miracles. Incorporating his own thoughts along with those of noted academics, philosophers, and theologians, Loftus is able to properly define “miracle” and then show why there’s no reason to believe such a thing even exists. Addressing every single issue that touches on miracles in a thorough and academic manner, this compilation represents the most extensive look at the phenomenon ever displayed through the lens of an ardent non-believer. If you’ve ever wondered exactly what a miracle is, or doubted whether they exist, then this book is for you.

Author : Michael J. Alter
Category : Religion
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN : 9781725252752
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Page book : 602

The keystone of Christianity is Jesus's physical, bodily resurrection. Present-day scholars can be significantly challenged as they forage through voluminous documents on the resurrection of Jesus. The literature measures well over seven thousand sources in English-language books alone. This makes finding specific sources that are most relevant for specific scholarly purposes an arduous task. Even when a specific book is relevant, finding the parts of the book that are most relevant to the resurrection rather than other topics often requires additional effort. A Thematic Access-Oriented Bibliography of Jesus's Resurrection addresses these challenges in several ways. First, the bibliography organizes more than seven thousand English sources into twelve main categories and then thirty-four subcategories, which are designed to help you find the most relevant literature quickly and efficiently. Embedded are pro and con arguments which support efficient access through brief annotations and then annotate the diversity and complexity of the field of religion by including sources that represent a diverse range of views: theistic (e.g., Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc.), agnostic, and nontheistic. The objective of this bibliography is to provide convenient access to relevant sources from a variety of perspectives, allowing you to browse or find the one source accurately and with ease.

Author : Craig L. Blomberg
Category : Religion
Publisher : Brazos Press
ISBN : 9781493423590
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 240

People regularly give certain reasons for not believing in God, but they are much less aware of what the New Testament actually teaches. Although challenges to Christianity are perennial and have frequently been addressed, they are noticeably more common today and are currently of particular interest among evangelicals. Skeptics of Christianity often ask highly regarded biblical scholar and popular speaker Craig Blomberg how he can believe in a faith that seems so problematic. How can God allow evil and suffering? Isn't the Bible anti-women, anti-gay, and pro-slavery? Isn't the New Testament riddled with contradictions? What about the nature of hell, violence in Scripture, and prayer and predestination? Following the author's successful Can We Still Believe the Bible?, this succinct and readable book focuses on what the New Testament teaches about 10 key reasons people give for not believing in God.

Author : Kenneth Richard Samples
Category : Religion
Publisher : Baker Books
ISBN : 1441200754
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 316

Recent Barna research indicates that less than one in ten evangelical Christians hold a biblical worldview. A World of Difference seeks to change this disturbing fact by educating readers on how the Christian perspective is uniquely reasonable, verifiable, and liveable. Author Kenneth Richard Samples faced a profound test of his own belief system during a personal life-and-death crisis. In A World of Difference, he uses nine distinct tests to compare the Christian worldview with current religious and philosophical competitors, including Islam, postmodernism, naturalism, and pantheistic monism. Samples tackles tough issues through this in-depth study of Christianity's history, creed, and philosophical basis. An excellent resource for readers who want their view of life and the world to make sense.

Author : Mark B. Woodhouse
Category : Parapsychology and science
Publisher : Frog Books
ISBN : 1883319420
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 652

In this powerful exploration of worldviews in transition, Mark Woodhouse examines current controversies in the quest for an integrative vision of reality. These include alternative medicine, holistic education, spiritual healing, and ecofeminism, as well as reincarnation, the New Physics, extraterrestrial visitations, and personal growth. In the Appendix, Fred Mills contributes a pioneering study of sacred geometry.

Author : Andrew McIntosh
Category : Religion
Publisher : Tate Publishing
ISBN : 9781616637507
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 368

On Teen Internet Pornography: If you Yahoo 'free teen sex pictures' Yahoo gives you 142,000,000 pages to enjoy...two right clicks of the mouse and you've got a free porn collection! On Creation and Evolution: The debate about creation and evolution is fair game. What is not fair is the efforts of one side to silence the rights of the other to their beliefs and opinions, a wrong historically committed by both sides. On Homosexuality: Let the debate continue, but let it be infused with truthfulness instead of lies, starting with the scientific fact that people are not born gay. On Suicide: There, in the middle of the gray, dead cement basement room, a boy hangs from a floor joist above by a length of shipping strapping, its length stretched to its limit, its form cut deeply into the boy's neck...We learn later he was bullied at school. On Faith: All the arguments in the world for or against Christ don't matter... It all comes down to this; either you want to believe or you don't. And then you live your life accordingly. Readers of Andrew McIntosh's regular op-ed columns in The Californian-a San Diego area daily newspaper-will instantly recognize the witty, biting prose he uses to drive his points home in his first book, The Two Suggestions. Teens and parents will deeply relate to McIntosh's personal and professional experiences as he shares his orphanage and adoption story, his big city paramedic career, and his various youth advocacy experiences spanning several decades. The Two Suggestions should be mandatory reading for every teenager, parent and youth advocate in America and Canada today. In the new America-secular, immoral, addicted and violent-The Two Suggestions offers today's youth powerful tools to thrive in the face of confusion, anger and social chaos.

Author : Joseph P. Hester
Category : Reference
Publisher : McFarland
ISBN : 0786414197
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 296

Examines issues surrounding the place of the Ten Commandments in American society and their application in secular law, covering such issues as the separation of church and state, capital punishment, and prayer in public schools.

Author : Andrew Newberg
Category : Science
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 9780743293723
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 337

WHY DO YOU BELIEVE THE THINGS YOU BELIEVE? Do you remember events differently from how they really happened? Where do your superstitions come from? How do morals evolve? Why are some people religious and others nonreligious? Everyone has thoughts and questions like these, and now Andrew Newberg and Mark Waldman expose, for the first time, how our complex views emerge from the neural activities of the brain. Bridging science, psychology, and religion, they demonstrate, in simple terminology, how the brain perceives reality and transforms it into an extraordinary range of personal, ethical, and creative premises that we use to build meaning, value, spirituality, and truth into our lives. When you come to understand this remarkable process, it will change forever the way you look at the world and yourself. Supported by groundbreaking research, including brain scans of people as they pray, meditate, and even speak in tongues, Newberg and Waldman propose a new model for how deep convictions emerge and influence our lives. You will even glimpse how the mind of an atheist works when contemplating God.Using personal stories, moral paradoxes, and optical illusions, the authors demonstrate how our brains construct our fondest assumptions about reality, offering recommendations for exercising your most important muscle in order to develop a more life-affirming, flexible range of attitudes. You'll discover how to: Recognize when your beliefs are altered by others Guard against mental traps and prejudicial thinking Distinguish between destructive and constructive beliefs Cultivate spiritual and ethical ideals Ultimately, we must always return to our beliefs. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, they give meaning to the mysteries of life, providing us with our individual uniqueness and the ability to fill our lives with joy. Most important, though, they give us inspiration and hope, beacons to guide us through the light and dark corners of the soul