Author : Terry Bradshaw
Category : Biography & Autobiography
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 0743417313
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 324

The four-time Super Bowl champ and Emmy-winning co-host of "Fox NFL Sunday" shares his thoughts on how to tackle life's most complicated problems.

Author : Daniel Haight
Category :
Publisher : Bridge Logos Inc
ISBN : 9781610364706
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 144

Keep It Simple is a book about Pastor Danny Haight’s marvelously unique two-week experience spent in the company of a highly accomplished multi-millionaire and political mover and shaker of his nation. Learning that the man was formerly an orphaned child who soared to such great heights in his personal and financial career, Pastor Danny simply asked, “How did you do all this?” This man gave Pastor Danny the keys that had helped him shape a successful life, made him his country’s leader and gave him financial freedom.

Author : Stephanie Velings
Category : Self-Help
Publisher : Strategic Book Publishing
ISBN : 9781625161154
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 137

Keep It Simple is based on author Stephanie Velings' experiences with her eating disorder, which lasted for nine years. This brought her to the darkest time of her life and she had to make a crucial decision. Along with her biggest inspiration, Megan Fox, she decided to get her life back on track and discover her true ambitions and dreams. She wrote a book about how she healed herself on her own, what she learned from it, and how others can use the same ways of thinking to transform their own lives. She presents a much simpler and effective way of losing weight and achieving a healthier lifestyle. A very important part of this process is to stop focusing on diets, details, and labeling yourself as a victim, and instead start focusing on setting goals, personal growth, and happiness. Keep It Simple is a remarkable and inspirational book with practical tools on how to achieve a more balanced lifestyle and expand your horizons. So Keep It Simple: Stop Dieting, Start Living!

Author : Joe Calloway
Category : Business & Economics
Publisher : Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN : 9781728215495
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 28

A Forbes Best Business Book of 2016 Have you ever said to yourself, "This feels far more complicated than it needs to be?" Cluttered processes are the enemies of control in your life and your business. Using simplification and focus as pillars, Keep It Simple teaches you how to take charge of your own goals and happiness. By eliminating distractions and focusing on the task at hand, you can streamline your processes and get results. With over 30 years of experience, Joe Calloway is an expert in simplification. If you want to create positive growth and change within your work, home, and overall routine, remove the obstacles that you have created for yourself. A flamethrower is not as effective at getting through a wall as a blow torch. The ability to focus your mind and actions allows for the most impactful change.

Author : Denise Omodei
Category : Self-Help
Publisher : BalboaPress
ISBN : 1452503222
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 56

Keep it Simple during Difficult Times is a simple practical guide to improving your health and finding peace and happiness by simplifying your life during painful times of change. Denise Omodei speaks of the importance of consciously monitoring your thoughts daily as your thoughts create your reality. Life is a journey, have faith during difficult times that there is a bigger purpose for you than you have imagined for yourself, let go and don't hold onto what isn't working for you. Trust your intuition and let it guide you to a more wonderful and fulfilling life.

Author : Carmine Di Noia
Category : Business & Economics
Publisher : CEPS
ISBN : 9789290798637
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 96

How can the world avoid repetition of the catastrophic financial instability currently plaguing the global economy? With the aim of restoring a strong framework for economic governance, this study proposes new rules of the game--imposed through the Group of 20 and the IMF--for the macroeconomic and exchange rate policies of the main players, including the United States. The authors advocate stricter prudential rules for banks, centered around the introduction of a simple leverage ratio calculated with reference to total assets, with no exemptions or risk mitigation. The book warns against the risk of a massive wave of new regulation that is not needed and might cripple capital markets for years, calling instead for a simplification and a better enforcement of rules. In short, the message, as reflected in the title, is: "Keep it simple."

Author : Connie Robichaud
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
Publisher : Balboa Press
ISBN : 9781452594590
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book :

Are you moving through emotional pain such as grief, anger, shame and fear in healthy ways? Or are you repressing internal emotional issues by numbing out externally with food, alcohol, drugs (prescription or illegal), overworking, television, gambling, internet surfing, or other distractions? Keep It Simple, Spirit: Provides simple, effective coping methods – for mental wellness Uses compassion and humour to heal your body, mind, and spirit Guides you in transforming your life – from the inside-out “Nuggets of wisdom and practical reflections for inner peace.” —Joan Brentel, Psychotherapist, Toronto, Canada

Author : Barb Rogers
Category : Self-Help
Publisher : Mango Media
ISBN : 9781609250607
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 256

“Walks readers through the steps of ridding oneself of the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical clutter that often leads to bad behaviors.” —Library Journal Inspired by the twelve-step saying, “Life is simple, it's people who are complicated,” Barb Rogers points out in Keep It Simple and Sane that it's pretty easy to tell ourselves lies as we explain away bad behavior associated with drugs, alcohol, food, sex, work . . . or whatever our addiction may be. We may not do it consciously, but it creates a damaging pattern that makes it even harder to find our way back to inner peace. Through the telling of her own story and those of fellow travelers, Rogers encourages readers to wait, stop, and hold the phone. “Grab a mental flashlight” and follow her lead to discover what you were thinking and how you might think differently. Offering 24 simple ideas in four sections (mind, emotions, spirituality, physicality), along with strategies and exercises to introduce them into your daily life, this book is for people on the simple path to wellness, for people who simply want to take charge—to change the things they can change, accept the things they cannot change, and learn to know the difference without struggling through the addictive song and dance.

Author : Jan Olsson
Category : Education
Publisher : Corwin Press
ISBN : 9781452214528
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 193

A realistic approach to assessing student behavior, staff morale, and school climate and creating a proven-to-work character development program that can dramatically turn around student behavior.

Author : Lowell J. Puls
Category : Business & Economics
Publisher : Author House
ISBN : 9781481771092
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 169

Lean Enterprise has been a leading strategy to drive business improvement for over twenty years. When the tools are thoroughly and consistently applied, the results can exceed comprehension. Too often however, Lean efforts fail outright or generate middling results, with improvements disappearing; buried by changes in markets, strategy, or the loss of key personnel. The most common reason for failure in Lean is an organizations culture, and while many of those cultures possess behaviors that run counter to the Lean principles, it's more often an undercurrent created by non-Lean management behaviors that drive change efforts adrift. KISS IS about Managing Lean! Its goal is to expose the management behaviors that provide energy to that undercurrent, while suggesting systemic approaches eliminate them, freeing up your culture. The result will be sustained improvements and a steady evolution to a Lean culture. KISS will help you to define your leadership role, walk you through a strategy check, and draft your objectives. Next, it guides you through organizing your change management team and resetting their key priorities. Finally it shows how to use the Lean tools to initiate behavioral change, supported by updated metrics and revised business systems. KISS clears your path to sustaining transformational improvements.