Author : Nora Rebecca Day
Category : Religion
Publisher : Balboa Press
ISBN : 9781504332200
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 198

The red-and-white transport vehicle pulls away from the curb at the medical center. With a heavy sigh, I shift my Chevy into drive and fall in behind while contemplating the task of getting to know the ins and outs of yet another health care institution. Each place has its own particular power structure, and it will be in the best interest of the patient if I quickly learn the next prevailing protocol. Who will answer questions, be accountable, and take appropriate action? Who will be kind when no one is looking; who will not? I dread the role of being a watchdog. Only the top of the passenger’s head above the wheelchair can be seen through the van’s back window. My mother is being moved to a nursing home today. I have tried my best to match wits with the pitfalls of dementia. I have failed. Dementia is a thief in the night that robs a patient’s memory bank while bequeathing a siege of unforgettable images in the mind of the caregiver. For the author, a brief phone call was more than an interruption to business as usual; it was an omen of change. Her predictable life was about to become an emotional roller coaster ride marked with heartwrenching twists and turns, breathtaking highs and lows, and unmistakable encounters with grace.

Author : M. Hermassi
Category : Drama
Publisher : Babelcube Inc.
ISBN : 9781071579800
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 71

This is the story of a thirty-four-year-old man who has a heart transplant. He hears rumors that the heart he received belonged to a young woman who died in a traffic accident. He’s intrigued and decides to investigate. He wants to find out more about the woman and her story. He gets caught up in the quest and becomes obsessed by it. Despite the necessary anonymity and confidentiality regarding organ donors, he manages, through subtle inquiry and unlimited patience, to find her parents. He also discovers the cemetery where she’s buried as well as her photo, her name―Irene―and her age at death―twenty-two. A surreal connection takes place between him and the deceased, and an impossible love story is born. He begins to have feelings for her. After all, it’s her heart beating in his chest. Things become complicated when he learns she has a twin sister living somewhere in Africa, working with an NGO as a nurse. He decides to leave his life behind and go in search of Irene’s twin. Once he finds her, their love, tinged with drama and passion, is both powerful and fragile. These unusual ingredients combine to offer them an adventure full of torment involving both stormy and sunny weather.

Author : Trésor Yenyi
Category : Travel
Publisher : iUniverse
ISBN : 9781450258159
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 188

Trsor Yenyi was born in Eastern Congo in 1983 at the peak of Mobutus reign. Not realizing he was witnessing history in the making, he was helpless as he observed the country slide first into chaos, then into its gravethe victim of looting, war, and corruption. It was only after he immigrated to the United States that he realized the depth of the destruction that had occurred and began nurturing a strong desire to return to his native country to search for a cure for the disease from which Congo suffers. In his compelling travel narrative, Yenyi details his return trips to Congo, his subsequent charitable work, and the heartbreaking stories of the countrys victims of war. While providing the voiceless a chance to speak through him, Yenyi reveals the humanitarian challenges of Congo and combines his life experiences with journal entriescreating an introspective glimpse into a world where child soldiers, rape victims, street children, and AIDS orphans are the realities of life. Trsor Yenyi has a dreamthat the troubled land of his ancestors will find peace once again. It is with this great hope for the future of his homeland that Yenyi remembers Congos forgotten.

Author : Janice Keats
Category : Religion
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN : 9781498274418
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 76

Have you ever been challenged and stymied when asked where you stand in your faith? Do you ever wonder who is responsible to reach those who have not yet heard the Gospel message? Do you wonder what your role is as a messenger of God's love? Are you filled with questions or have doubts and fears about relationship evangelism? Do you believe that God can release your fears to be a spokesperson for the sake of the Gospel? This book will enable and equip you to embark on the simple journey of reaching people for Him! You will learn how to prepare your very own faith story by actually writing it out and putting it into practice. It includes thought-provoking questions to prepare your heart as you journey with Jesus. Included are charts to determine where you are in the faith and to help maintain the progress of evangelizing. Whether you need to actively develop soul-winning skills or simply get back to the basics and refresh your desire to share your faith, this book will equip you to keep your faith story alive and prepare you to be used for His glory. Get ready for blessings and excitement as you put your faith into action!

Author : Almine
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
Publisher : Almine
ISBN : 9781934070260
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 296

The powerful relevations contained in this book emerged from a period during which the author experienced a transfiguration, entering the presence of the Infinite for the second time since moving into God-consciousness in 2000.

Author : John Welwood
Category : Self-Help
Publisher : Harper
ISBN : PSU:000017503495
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 236


Author : Gerhard E. Frost
Category : Meditations
Publisher : Augsburg Fortress Publishing
ISBN : 0806628294
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 132

Thousands of readers have grown spiritually through the inspirational words of Gerhard Frost. This new volume of writings will help each reader understand his or her own unique spiritual journey to old age.

Author : John Eldredge
Category : Religion
Publisher : Thomas Nelson
ISBN : 9781418584962
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 118

Sometimes it seems we just can't get what we want. Circumstances thwart our best-laid plans. We struggle to live a heartfelt life. Worst of all, says Eldredge, the modern church mistakenly teaches its people to kill desire (calling it sin) and replace it with duty or obligation (calling it sanctification). As a result, at best Christians tend to live safe, boring lives of resignation. At worst, their desire eventually breaks out in destructive ways such as substance abuse, affairs, and pornography addictions. In The Journey of Desire, Eldredge invites readers to rediscover God-given desire and to search again for the life they once dreamed of.

Author : Esther DeWaal
Category : Monastic and religious life
Publisher : St Bede's Publications
ISBN : 1879007029
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 116

A collection of guides to the spiritual journey. The authors deal with such masters as Cassian, St. Benedict, John of Forde and Carl Jung, discussing ideas from East and West.

Author : Robert P. Vande Kappelle
Category : Religion
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN : 9781666768084
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 185

Whether religiously theists, atheists, agnostics, or simply seekers, each of us is on a journey of faith, spiraling through stages, seasons, or phases of spirituality. On this journey, we discover that spirituality is more caught than taught, and that faith, enriched more by subtraction than by addition, is more about unlearning than learning. At the center of Jesus’ life and message stands the exhortation to receive and share divine love. The two volumes of Heart to Heart, excerpted from Dr. Vande Kappelle’s published writings, examine the meaning and implications of the biblical Great Commandment to love God and others as oneself. Whereas the first volume examines the spiritual journey inward, this companion volume examines the journey outward. Ultimately there is only one spiritual journey—the journey Godward—and there is only one commandment. Divine love is the key to everything. Unloved people misbehave, fail to love, or fail to change. Loved people aren’t concerned with rules, regulations, or beliefs. Rather, because they are loved, they take proper care of themselves, and in so doing, care for nature and others as extensions of themselves. Heart to Heart is written for those who affirm the value of lifelong spiritual growth, realize the limits of logic, and embrace the paradoxes in life. If you are willing to commit less than ten minutes a day over a seven-month period, you will undertake a spiritual journey of epic proportions, guaranteed to transform you morally and spiritually. In addition, you will come to embrace Christianity as the transformative movement envisioned by Jesus for humanity, a way of life grounded in compassion, justice, service, humility, and love of others.