Author : Karla Oceanak
Category : Humor
Publisher : Bailiwick Press
ISBN : 9781934649572
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 32

It’s closing time at the brewery. While the moon rises, the happy crew sings and dances as they wind down for the day. Join them in saying goodnight to the beer-making equipment, brew ingredients, and styles of suds. This humorous parody of a children's literature classic is a "pitcher book" for grown-ups. It's the perfect anytime story for beer lovers everywhere!

Author : Michelle Ann Abate
Category : Literary Criticism
Publisher : JHU Press
ISBN : 9781421438870
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 243

Children's literature isn't just for children anymore. This original study explores the varied forms and roles of children's literature—when it's written for adults. What do Adam Mansbach's Go the F**k to Sleep and Barbara Park's MA! There's Nothing to Do Here! have in common? These large-format picture books are decidedly intended for parents rather than children. In No Kids Allowed, Michelle Ann Abate examines a constellation of books that form a paradoxical new genre: children's literature for adults. Distinguishing these books from YA and middle-grade fiction that appeals to adult readers, Abate argues that there is something unique about this phenomenon. Principally defined by its form and audience, children's literature, Abate demonstrates, engages with more than mere nostalgia when recast for grown-up readers. Abate examines how board books, coloring books, bedtime stories, and series detective fiction written and published specifically for adults question the boundaries of genre and challenge the assumption that adulthood and childhood are mutually exclusive.

Author : Sally Gardner
Category : Juvenile Fiction
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN : 9781838935689
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 149

The tiny Tindims are like the Borrowers-on-Sea, who turn our everyday rubbish into treasure. Mother-and-daughter duo, prizewinning Sally Gardner and Lydia Corry, create a fun new world of characters and adventures in their empowering new series for 5-8 year olds inspiring conservation and inventive ways to recycle. 'What is rubbish today is treasure tomorrow.' Discover Rubbish Island which the Tindims have built entirely from things we have thrown away. Captain Spoons, Mug, Jug, Brew, Skittle and friends are busy recycling when Ethel B Dina is blown out to sea and the Tindims must launch a rescue operation with the help of some friendly fish and surprises along the way. Printed in dyslexia-friendly font with pictures on every page and perfect for the reluctant reader, the Tindims show keen young ecologists how to help protect our planet for the future. 'An idiosyncratic genius' THE TIMES 'Sally Gardner's tale unfolds with all the beautiful illogicality of a dream' FINANCIAL TIMES

Author : Michael Ian Borer
Category : Social Science
Publisher : NYU Press
ISBN : 9781479876181
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book :

An inside look at how craft beer makers and IPA devotees come together to brew, taste, and enjoy fine ale while also building a sense of community in Las Vegas Equally reviled and revered as Sin City, Las Vegas is both exceptional and emblematic of contemporary American cultural practices and tastes. Michael Ian Borer takes us inside the burgeoning Las Vegas craft beer scene to witness how its adherents use beer to create and foster not just a local culture but a locals’ culture. Through compelling, detailed first-hand accounts and interviews, Vegas Brews provides an unprecedented look into the ways that brewers, distributors, bartenders, and drinkers fight against the perceived and preconceived norm about what “happens in Vegas” and lay claim to a part of their city that is too often overshadowed by the bright lights of tourist sites. Borer shows how our interactions with the things we care about—and the ways that we care about how they’re made, treated, and consumed—can lead to new senses of belonging and connections with and to others and the places where we live. In a world where people and things move around at an extraordinary pace, the folks Borer spent time talking (and drinking) with remind us to slow down and learn how to taste the “good life,” or at least a semblance of it, even in a city where style is often valued over substance.

Author : Bryan J. Kolesar
Category : Cooking
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN : 9781493015948
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 352

Beer Lover's Mid-Atlantic features regional breweries, brewpubs and beer bars in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland for those looking to seek out and celebrate the best brews--from bitter seasonal IPAs to rich, dark stouts. With quality beer producers popping up all over the nation, you don't have to travel very far to taste great beer; some of the best stuff is brewing right in the Mid-Atlantic. This comprehensive guides covers the entire beer experience for the proud, local enthusiast and the traveling visitor alike, including information on: - brewery and beer profiles with tasting notes- brewpubs and beer bars- events and festivals- food and brew-your-own beer recipes- city trip itineraries with bar crawl maps- regional food and beer pairings

Author : Aaron Latham
Category : Fiction
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 9780743217293
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 496

In this magical and epic novel, the celebrated author of Urban Cowboy delivers a Texas-size love story that transplants the legend of Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, and Merlin alive and well to the Old West -- to stunning effect. Code of the West begins when Jimmy Goodnight, a young, earnest cowhand, recovering from having been brutally abducted by Comanches who slaughtered his family, sets his life on a new and surprising course by visiting a county fair. There he agrees to try to pull out an ax that has been deeply imbedded in an anvil and that has defied the efforts of the strongest men in Texas. Jimmy's astonishing and triumphant achievement at the fair changes his life. With the prize money he follows his dream, recruits cowboys, puts together a herd of cattle, and drives them across the plains to a deep canyon, where he intends to make his own private kingdom. Goodnight's luck and courage bring him an early and gratifying success. Above all, they bring him the comradeship of his men, and the friendship of a lifetime, when he meets Jack Loving, who is everything Jimmy Goodnight isn't -- handsome, graceful, a naturally gifted horseman, and a great dancer. Together, Goodnight and Loving make a formidable team, and their relationship is one of complete trust, the bedrock on which Goodnight's growing empire rests, on a seemingly solid foundation -- until a woman appears with whom both men fall in love. All goes well until Goodnight makes a fearful, vengeful, and unforgiving enemy, takes on an Eastern big businessman as a partner -- and falls in love with his beautiful daughter Revelie, and fails to notice the growing mutual attraction bet-ween Revelie and Loving... Compulsively readable, cleverly interweaving Western history (Loving and Goodnight are both based on real people in the historical West) and Arthurian legend, Code of the West is a powerful love story, a sweeping adventure, a great "Western" -- and just the kind of unexpected, unusual, and hugely successful work of fiction that has sealed Aaron Latham's reputation.

Author : Fiona Johnston
Category : Family & Relationships
Publisher : Penguin Random House New Zealand Limited
ISBN : 9781775531128
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 144

An end to wakeful nights with expert advice on how to get to sleep, sleep well, and stay asleep. We all recognise the importance of a good night's sleep on a regular basis, but many people suffer from a sleeping disorder of some kind. Help is at hand in this practical book which provides straightforward advice on how to develop good sleeping habits. I Compulsory reading for all of us who toss and turn in our beds, and also for shiftworkers who must learn to sleep during the daytime, the bestselling Getting a Good Night's Sleep explains just what happens when we sleep, as well as: Types of sleeping disorders - medical, psychological and emotional; How to learn new sleep habits - learning to make new associations; How drugs, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter medication and caffeine and nicotine, can affect your sleep; Managing stress - recognising 'stressors' and learning to deal with them; How keeping fit can make a difference - realistic goals that lead to better sleep;Tips for shiftworkers - how to sleep when everyone around you is awake. This revised and updated edition of a besteller includes: Why your teenagers stay up late at night; Your own personalised sleep assessment which includes sleep questionnaire, sleep chart and your legal responsibilities The author (Dip COT, NZ ROT) is a sought-after speaker on sleep and shiftwork. Trained as an occupational therapist in Britain, she moved to New Zealand in the mid-1980s, where she worked as a mental health professional before establishing a specialised service to assist poor sleepers.

Author : Ellis Weiner
Category : Fiction
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 9780671777357
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 228

CBS TV's Northern Exposure is a hit nationwide--and now, following the success of Pocket's Twin Peaks books, comes Letters from Cicely. It is a candid and insightful look into the world of Cicely, Alaska, where life borders on the eccentric and comforts are scarce. Features personal and private correspondence between the quirky cast of characters from the show. ( Biography)

Author : Amanda Lee
Category : Fiction
Publisher : Penguin
ISBN : 9781101580196
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 336

Although she's taken an interest in Irish embroidery, Marcy Singer can't help but abandon her needlecraft when handsome local brewer Todd finds himself accused of murder. Both Todd and his friend Blake's fingerprints are on the murder weapon, and neither is talking about what happened. Marcy is determined to stitch together some luck from more than a few four-leaf clovers and prove that the culprit was someone else...

Author : Elysia Strife
Category : Fiction
Publisher : Elysia Strife
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 713

With only a manipulative mother figure to guide her, Norah's learned everything the hard way. Her dreams of a stable family shattered with her self-confidence years ago. Thank goodness her single-dad coworker is nearby to eagerly pick up her pieces. If only her past would stay put, maybe they could move forward together. In a small Texas town, outside of Houston, lies a family of secrets Norah Taren will soon uncover. She's tried to move on for years and push the past into the shadows. Yet handsome Evan Swanson is ever-curious about her, leaving her worried he'll dig up something ugly. Some part of her life will surely push him away for good. Norah refuses to let him get too close, wanting desperately to keep him as a friend. He has enough chaos in his life with his teenage daughter. And Norah doesn't want to lose them. Despite her resistance, Evan has zero plans of giving up on Norah. When Norah's engagement falls apart, the news of her infertility breaking her last thread, she gives in to Evan's embrace. He and Ashley welcome her with open arms, but Norah hesitates to go all in with them. Her traumatic childhood still haunts her and makes her feel undeserving of love. As Norah's love for Evan grows and she becomes more invested in spending time with them, secrets emerge from Norah's father, her ex-fiancé, and the mystery around her adoption, reinforcing the walls she's put up to shield her heart. It isn't until her father's death that a friend from the past emerges and exposes the truth. Her gut feeling that she needed to stay away from Evan and Ashley was right. Norah's entire life has been one big lie. One man is behind it all, someone she's never met. Norah longs for trust, real love, friends she can count on, and a stable, wholesome family. Evan and Ashley have an empty seat at their table, one they wish Norah to fill. But Norah's past won't stay gone, putting her would-be family in serious harm's way. Norah's battle runs deeper than her jerk of an ex, her sinister stepmother, and her stalker's sect. The self-doubt and self-loathing were programmed into her from a young age. But Evan has a secret too. Can she become more and rescue the ones she loves, or will she be forced to watch her past devour them forever? *** Version 3 No intimacy. This is a "Happily For Now" romance Some violence, suspense, and cursing. Features scenes that may trigger sensitive readers. *** "Heartbreaking, delicate and wild, I LOVED THIS BOOK. Mixed in with threatening messages and a mystery at hand, you get a book with interest and passion." --Goodreads Reviewer "Plenty to keep you glued to the pages with everything going on and all the things coming to light. This isn't a light fun read, but one that will make you stop and think for a long time after closing it." --Goodreads Reviewer "I ordered this book after learning the author, as well as the protagonist, is an adoptee. Stories that showcase the realistic emotions of adoptees are the best—not the ones where the feelings are those the authors think adopted persons should have... it’s not a straight-up adoption story. But there’s lots of action and not a dull moment." --Goodreads Reviewer