Author : David Powlison
Category : Religion
Publisher : New Growth Press
ISBN : 9781942572985
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 223

Good and Angry, a groundbreaking book from David Powlison, shows readers how anger is more than a problem to solve. Anger is our complex human response to what we perceive as wrong in a complex world, thus we must learn how to fruitfully and honestly deal with it. Powlison undertakes an in-depth exploration of the roots of anger, moral judgment, and righteous response by looking in a surprising place: God’s own anger. Good and Angry examines God’s desire for justice and his anger, which doesn’t devolve into manipulation. Rather, God’s anger is good and redemptive, and it causes him to step into our world to make wrongs right, sending his own Son to die so we can be reconciled. In this book full of practical and biblical help, Powlison sets readers on a path toward a faithful and fruitful expression of anger, in which we return good for evil and redeem wrongs. Powlison investigates how God is our model for change and our power for change. Good and Angry helps people who struggle with irritation, complaining, or bitterness explore how to respond constructively when life goes wrong. You, your family, and your friends will all be glad that you read this book.

Author : Scott Turansky
Category : Family & Relationships
Publisher : WaterBrook
ISBN : 9780307553171
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 256

Parents often feel angry when their children do the wrong things. But responding to children in anger rarely brings about the desired result and can even have a damaging effect instead. Yet anger doesn’t have to be the enemy. It can be a trigger that makes parents even more effective. Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller show them how. Recognizing the very real emotions parents feel, Good and Angry taps into the constructive side of parents’ anger and teaches welcome strategies for addressing the things their children do to drive them crazy. Addressing common problem areas for children–such as annoying behavior, lying, not following instructions, and bad attitudes–this book outlines seven routines that will help children improve in these areas and allow them to thrive in their relationship with parents and with others. In Good and Angry, moms and dads will come to understand anger’s true purpose and how they can use it successfully in their day-to-day parenting. They will also learn new approaches that will solve many common problems and, in the process, help both them and their children grow closer to God.

Author : David Powlison
Category : Juvenile Fiction
Publisher : New Growth Press
ISBN : 9781645071044
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 33

Everyone gets frustrated when something important to them goes wrong. In Jax's Tail Twitches, the whole Squirrel family ends up out of sorts when acorn gathering doesn't go according to plan. Although Papa, Mama, Jax, and Caspian Squirrel all get angry, they also learn about the power of saying sorry, seeking forgiveness, remembering God’s words, and praying together. Edited by David Powlison, Jax's Tail Twitchesends with a special section that guides parents in teaching children how the gospel of Jesus Christ changes how we respond when life goes wrong. Also included is a tear-out page of Back Pocket Bible Verses that will help children and adults remember to turn to God for help when they are angry. A new series of hardback, illustrated children's books for three-to eight-year-olds—each centered on an animal family—bring gospel help and biblical counsel to families. The animal characters, colorful illustrations, and the real-life issues each animal family face will captivate children. The first three books address anxiety, anger, and failure bringing biblical help and hope to issues every child faces. The last page of each book contains information for parents on how God, in his Word, helps children apply biblical truth to specific issues. Together children and parents will be guided by the stories into meaningful conversations about living by faith in the details of everyday life.

Author : Frank Jacobelli
Category : Psychology
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 047074457X
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 222

SmartHelp for Good ‘n’ Angry Kids provides the reader with an innovative tool for determining a child’s individual learning strengths, and for pairing this information with specific, carefully crafted activities that teach the child about anger and its appropriate expression. Provides innovative tools for identifying each child's individual learning strengths Includes Personalized Learning – providing primary, secondary and tertiary techniques to suit your child A vital supplement to standard psychotherapeutic approaches such as play therapy, cognitive behavioural, family therapy and traditional anger management techniques

Author : Bill Perkins
Category : Religion
Publisher : Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN : 9781414335391
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 172

Be honest, guys: Have you ever made a foolish or harmful decision when angry? Have you ever said or done something in the heat of the moment that you wish you could take back? Or do you tend to keep your anger hidden, choosing to bury the feeling and hoping it just goes away? No matter how often you get angry, or how you express it, Bill Perkins (best-selling author of When Good Men Are Tempted and 6 Rules Every Man Must Break) has written this book to provide you with the insight and biblical strategy you need to deal with this crucial issue (as well as help for the women in your life who are walking through the anger with you). Illustrated with research-based statistics and real-life stories of men who have successfully dealt with anger, When Good Men Get Angry explores the foundations of anger—what it is, where it comes from, how Jesus expressed it, and how the new and good man in you can control it.

Author : Rudy Monaco
Category : Fiction
Publisher : Rudy Monaco
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 386

Britt Thomas goes undercover alone to debrief a bikie informer who’s risking everything for an unlikely killer. Angel is a teenage prophet with an acquired brain injury, a high-powered handgun, no filters, and no fear. Britt’s mission unravels as she discovers what drives the bikie gang and its shadowy link to police and media players. The mission turns into a race against time and hidden agendas. Politics, ambitions, beliefs, and revenge converge on a farmhouse in the Newer Volcanics Province. Can Britt and her ABI team save the killer before police and media seal her fate? Before they shoot her or burn her alive?

Author : Elaine K. McEwan
Category : Education
Publisher : Corwin Press
ISBN : 9781452237183
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 280

Use "Assertive Intervention" techniques to help difficult teachers become positive and energetic professionals! Managing difficult teachers effectively may be a principal’s most pressing challenge. In this research-based text, you will discover approaches that prove how even the most difficult teachers can become successful professionals. This indispensable handbook introduces Assertive Intervention techniques and shows principals how to improve daily interactions with troubled teachers. These strategies show how to: Confront difficult teachers calmly and confidently Conduct an Assertive Intervention Improve interactions with troublesome teachers Build a positive school culture

Author : Susan C. Cloninger
Category : Social Science
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
ISBN : 9781440833519
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 457

In today's society, we see angry groups in many forms—from animal rights and climate crisis activists to citizens opposed to allowing more immigrants of certain ethnicities or religions into the country, militia groups frustrated by acts of domestic terrorism and legislation that limits gun ownership and the ability to carry weapons in public, and those outraged by what they see as police brutality or the unnecessary use of deadly force against people of color. More than just evidence of civil unrest in society, angry groups across history and nations often ultimately affect our politics and our government, for better or worse, and sometimes result in injury, bloodshed, or financial costs that hit otherwise-uninvolved taxpayers. This book demonstrates how people across our nation are involved in, affected by, or harmed by angry groups; covers historical and modern perspectives on angry groups; ands offers suggestions for predicting and influencing the expression of angry group behavior. It provides readers with an understanding of such conflicts and of their origins and dynamics that may offer insights to successful resolution, and it identifies strategies that can reduce the suffering that comes from such conflicts.

Author : Gayle Rosellini
Category : Self-Help
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 9781592859351
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 144

In a friendly, nonconfrontational manner, Of Course You're Angry guides readers to discover the source of their anger and the forms it takes –violence, depression, resentment, and manipulation. Though we may not like to admit it, all of us get angry. At times we feel irked, exasperated, irritated, resentful, even enraged. Anger is a normal and healthy human emotion; learning to acknowledge and express it appropriately, however, especially for those in early recovery, is another story. Of Course You're Angry, first published in 1985, is a timely revision of the best-selling Hazelden title on the nature and resolution of anger, it shows us how to make anger work in a positive and effective way that can ease, rather than exacerbate, the problems and challenges of early recovery.In a friendly, nonconfrontive manner, Of Course You're Angry guides readers to discover the source of their anger and the forms it takes -- such as violence, depression, resentment, and manipulation. Authors Gayle Rosellini and Mark Worden continue by exploring various anger styles, and then provide clear, sensible, and practical guidelines for expressing anger, conquering "common conceits," and "wrangling with rancor." Their real-life examples and down-to-earth advice for dealing with anger without fear or guilt -- and without hurting oneself or others -- offers addicts as well as their family members and friends a way passed one of the most dangerous pitfalls of early recovery.

Author : Helen Gerondis
Category : Biography & Autobiography
Publisher : Balboa Press
ISBN : 9781452511085
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 218

This book is about my search for the truth about what caused or contributed to my life- long weight problem. In spite of my consulting doctors, nutritionists, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, joining Weight Loss organizations and trying numerous diets, nothing had worked. Because my lecturer in his feedback on one of my assignments in a counselling course said if I spent as much time looking at the Inside Helen- as I had on the outside Helen, The weight may come off and stay off I did as he suggested by writing this book. I looked at myself as a Greek Australian baby, schoolgirl, adolescent and adult. I connected with feelings I had previously supressed or repressed. I discovered information about eating disorders and the brain which led me to the confronting but liberating realisation that since childhood I had an undiagnosed Binge Eating Disorder. Later I found this could have been the result of forgott en trauma which had alienated me from myself and other people. Finding the truth and reconciling myself to the past has freed me from eating compulsively. My weight is within the normal BMI range and I weigh less now than I did as a child of eleven.