Author : Max Lucado
Category : Religion
Publisher : Thomas Nelson
ISBN : 9780849965357
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 65

Does it ever feel like life is out of control? Could you use the reminder that God is in control? When tragedy strikes, people desperately search for answers. Believers and unbelievers alike find themselves turning to God. Bestselling author and pastor Max Lucado tells us that though it may not be quick or painless, God will use this mess for good. In this booklet, Max Lucado will help you: Find courage to never give up during turbulent times Trust God to help you through all of life’s trials Remember that God will use every painful circumstance for good Scriptures for Your Turbulent Times also included.

Author : Good Books
Category : Religion
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 9781680994421
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 373

A beautiful book of Bible verses to inspire, challenge, and uplift mothers The perfect Mother’s Day gift, baby shower gift, or anytime gift for a mom who could use a little encouragement, this beautiful book features one Bible verse for every day of the year. Each verse is selected to uplift, challenge, or strengthen a mother’s heart. Mothering is a hard—and blessed—job, and alone time is often in short supply. This book is perfect for picking up in the brief in-between moments—while nursing, while the kids are engaged in a game, or while you sip that precious cup of coffee just before the little ones wake. Sometimes all it takes is one verse to reconnect with God and set your day on a more Christ-centered path. Peaceful, colorful backgrounds complement the beauty of the words on each page, creating a tranquil way to engage with every verse. Find refreshment, guidance, and joy in Scriptures such as: “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” —Proverbs 22:6 “The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.” —Psalm 28:7 “As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you.” —Isaiah 66:13 This small book is just the right size for Mom to carry with her in the diaper bag, on her daily commute to work, or to the playground. Mom’s Daily Bread ensures that each day comes with heartening reminders of how God sees and loves us in the midst of all the ups and downs of mothering.

Author : Faith Wells
Category : Religion
Publisher : WestBow Press
ISBN : 9781664274693
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 169

This 31-day devotional is for those who want to hear from God and receive spiritual guidance and direction on their faith journey with the Lord. It is overflowing with prayers, journaling prompts, scriptures, wisdom, and inspiring stories from Faith’s life. Each day’s writing is short enough to be read in 3-5 minutes. Through reading this devotional, readers will sharpen their ears to hear the voice of God and walk boldly into the calling God has placed on their lives.

Author : John Bevere
Category : Religion
Publisher : Messenger International
ISBN : 9781933185965
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 280

These days the terms good and God seem synonymous. We believe what’s generally accepted as good must be in line with God’s will. Generosity, humility, justice—good. Selfishness, arrogance, cruelty—evil. The distinction seems pretty straightforward. But is that all there is to it? If good is so obvious, why does the Bible say that we need discernment to recognize it? Good or God? isn’t another self-help message. This book will do more than ask you to change your behavior. It will empower you to engage with God on a level that will change every aspect of your life.

Author : Jean Good
Category : Religion
Publisher : TEACH Services, Inc.
ISBN : 9781479611737
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 63

Settle into a comfortable chair and prepare to be transported into the exciting world of literature evangelism. A literature evangelist is a person called by God to spread the gospel through the sale and distribution of bible-based literature. They wake up every morning with a general plan of where to go but never know where God will lead or what adventures await. Jean Good relates a smattering of experiences that she has had due to following God’s leading. She downplays the struggles, choosing instead to focus on how God worked on her behalf, opening doors to the very people who need her most. Not only has she seen God work in the lives of others, but also in her own life when she struggled to make ends meet or lacked the necessary tuition to keep her sons in church school. God always came through, providing the money often at the very last moment. This book will inspire you to use the gifts God has given you to tell others of His love.

Author : Diane P. Harris
Category : Religion
Publisher : Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
ISBN : 9781685175900
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 761

God wants you to know that there is nothing you have done that can separate you from His love. He has a plan for your life. Your job is to get to know Him, learn to trust Him, believe His Word, apply the Word to your life's circumstances, and follow His direction. God knew all the mistakes we would make and all the wrong turns we would take. He knew all the times we would be taken advantage of and hurt. He knew beforehand how He would take all that the devil meant for evil and how He would use it to work out for our good. God will let nothing that we go through be wasted. This book is filled with stories and lessons learned about my life, my relationship with God, and how He has shown me over and over His love for me in spite of myself. But not just for me--but His love for all of us. Even though we often turn away from God to go our own way, God will take great measure to draw us back to Him and not leave us out there in our own mess. God knew everything that would happen in your life before you were born--the good, the bad, and the ugly. Everything that we go through, God uses it to teach us that we can trust and depend on Him with everything in our life. Don't you see, if He knew you before you were born, all the things that happen in your life are all a part of God's plan.

Author : Matthew Terrill
Category :
Publisher : FriesenPress
ISBN : 9781460232002
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 176

Why is it such a struggle for us to surrender everything to God? What does surrendering to God even look like and how are we supposed to do it? Why is it so hard for us to live the life that Jesus died to give us? Is life really supposed to be one constant struggle after another? One of the hardest things to do in life is to let go, giving God everything and never looking back. Laying it all down, never picking it up is the only way we can walk through this dark unfair world shinning and burning brightly for Jesus. Wanting control over our lives is the struggle that many Christians face and the turmoil of that fight is constantly lurking deep in our hearts. For many know what to do, but few actually do it: surrender. When a person holds onto frustration, bitterness, and the injustices of life their pain slowly evolves into chains that hold him down, disabling him to walk through life with peace, love, joy, and compassion. The only way to truly live is to die to our selfish nature every day and cast all of our burdens at the feet of Jesus.

Author : Mark Allan Powell
Category : Religion
Publisher : Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN : 0802829260
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 214

We all know that everything we have is a gift from God. But sometimes it s hard to know just how to give back to God. How much is enough? What does the Bible really say? What should giving look like in our everyday lives? Filled with good news for followers of Jesus, Mark Allan Powell s Giving to God shows Christians the way to a better life and a better relationship with their money — and with God. Powell presents stewardship as an act of worship, an expression of faith, and a discipline for spiritual growth. Faithful use of our time, talents, and money starts with a deep, satisfying relationship with the God to whom we belong. We can then learn, says Powell, to give gladly and generously out of our heartfelt connection with God. Informative, concise, and eminently practical (including discussion questions), Giving to God gives us resources for best using the treasures, material and otherwise, that God has given us.

Author : Zondervan,
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
Publisher : Zonderkidz
ISBN : 9780310763130
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 209

Written specifically for girls ages 8 to 12, Faithgirlz 5-Minute Devotions for Girls focuses on the ups and downs of being a teen in this ever-changing, ever-challenging world. Inside you’ll find 180 devotionals focusing on topics that resonate with today’s tweens and teens, such as bullying, boys, peer pressure, and self-confidence. 5-Minute Devotions for Girls features: Short and sweet devotions that include relevant Scripture from the NIV Age-appropriate reflections and prayer Practical application tips for basic questions tweens and teens have This 180-day devotional makes the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, and everyday giving.

Author : Lucas Miles
Category : Religion
Publisher : Hachette UK
ISBN : 9781617957833
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 224

If we are honest, at some point we all struggle with the question, "Why does God allow pain, suffering, and evil?"