Author : Thomas Walter Wallbank
Category : Civilization
Publisher : HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN : IND:30000050830284
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 662

[The book] was the first text to treat the development and growth of world civilization as a global experience, not just a European one. Including all elements of history, social, economic, political, religious, aesthetic, legal and technological, the text shows how all the great cultures have interacted to produce the present-day world.-Back cover.

Author : Peter N. Stearns
Category : History, Modern
Publisher : Pearson/Education
ISBN : 0321100549
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 580

This biography traces the career of Frenchman Jacques Coeur, royal official, merchant, and financier, amidst war and exploration in fifteenth-century Europe and invites readers to consider Coeur's career against a broad historical context.

Author : Palmira Johnson Brummett
Category : Civilization
Publisher : Longman Publishing Group
ISBN : UCSC:32106011192413
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 588

The new edition of Civilization Past and Present is a major revision of a classic text (the last edition had Wallbank as the lead author). Civilization Past and Present has a strong European core with excellent global coverage and is well known in the marketplace as a highly readable, accessible survey text. This is important since students often complain that they are overwhelmed with too much content in this course. The main thrust of the revision is to make the book more inclusive of areas beyond Europe. With two new authors, an Annotated Instructors Edition, a new, unique feature that focuses on primary maps, a beautiful new four-color design, and a premiere supplements package on the market, this edition of Civilization Past and Present offers students and professors an accessible and exciting survey of World Civilization. For the first time, we will be adding an Annotated Instructors Edition, which will provide numerous useful teaching suggestions and ideas. The Annotated Instructors Edition is unique in this market and will prove invaluable to professors who invariably end up teaching parts of the course which are out of their area of expertise since the course is so broad. This edition is available electronically on CD-ROM that includes the entire text, study guide, videos, web links, maps, charts, and photos. Free when bundled, this exciting new multimedia learning tool is easy to navigate and makes reading the textbook fun. Students will love how simple it is to take notes online, search for a topic, create a binder of documents, take practice tests, and watch historical videos.

Author : Paul Robichaud
Category : Literary Criticism
Publisher : CUA Press
ISBN : 9780813214795
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 217

Robichaud charts the growth of Jones's medievalism from his earliest Pre-Raphaelite influences, showing how his commitment to modernist aesthetics transformed his vision of the Middle Ages.

Author : George HARRIS (Barrister-at-Law.)
Category :
Publisher :
ISBN : BL:A0017769528
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Page book : 480

Author : George Harris
Category : Civilization
Publisher :
ISBN : OXFORD:590463623
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 476

Author : Jean Kerisel
Category : Technology & Engineering
Publisher : CRC Press
ISBN : 9781000443851
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 184

The Pharoahs were masters of the Nile: they had a detailed understanding of the ways of the river. Modern Egyptians see themselves as heirs to this tradition, and as owners of the Nile waters. In the 1960's, Egypt decided to protect its increasingly-populated Nile valley from the ravages of annual flooding by building a dam. A relatively small dam in the valley of Nubia, in the region of Tushka, would have enabled the excess floodwaters to safely be diverted towards the fossil valley of the pre-Nile. However, it was decided to select a site near Aswan, making it necessary to inundate more than 250km of river valley. Over the years, this strategy has been revealed to have been faulty, and numerous irrigation schemes in upriver countries have progressively reduced the amount of water descending into Egypt. The dire warning of the 14th century oracle appears to be prophetic: "the water of the river in my country will be stopped from reaching yours, which I shall cause to die of thirst..."

Author : Harry Redner
Category : Social Science
Publisher : Routledge
ISBN : 9781351313988
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 424

For Harry Redner, the phrase "beyond civilization" refers to the new and unprecedented condition the world is now entering‘specifically, the condition commonly known as globalization. Redner approaches globalization from the perspective of history and seeks to interpret it in relation to previous key stages of human development. His account begins with the Axial Age (700 300 BC) and proceeds through Modernity (after AD 1500) to the present global condition. What is globalization doing to civilization? In answering this question, Redner studies the role played by capitalism, the state, science and technology. He aims to show that they have had a catalytic impact on civilization through their reductive effect on society, culture, and individualism. However, Redner is not content to diagnose the ills of civilization; he also suggests how they might be ameliorated by cultural conservation. Above all, it is to the problem of decline in the higher forms of literacy that he addresses himself, for it is on the culture of the book that previous civilizations were founded. This study will be of interest to sociologists, historians, and social and political theorists. Its style makes it accessible also to general readers, interested in civilization past, present, and future.

Author : Arthur Mitchell
Category :
Publisher :
ISBN : 3348062055
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 372

Author : Devajit Bhuyan
Category : Fiction
Publisher : Ukiyoto Publishing
ISBN : 9789357708203
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 259

“Civilization is in a race between education and catastrophe. Let us learn the truth and spread it as far and wide as our circumstances allow. For the truth is the greatest weapon we have.” - H. G. Wells Whenever we speak about civilization, we understand is a society characterized by the existence of the state that has developed culture, language, a writing system, books, currency, banking, trading etc. Civilizations are additionally characterized by specialization of labour, agriculture, architecture, infrastructure, technological advancement, computers, internets, destructive bombs and nuclear weapons. The civilization, that started with the discovery of fire, wheel and agriculture started to move in the path of technological development with lightning speed since last part of the 20th Century. However, the age old mindset of people regarding war, discrimination, violence, destruction and killing of people on flimsy grounds has not at all changed. Technology is a double-edged sword, making and breaking civilization since time immemorial. We have seen first and second world war, but we have learnt no lesson from it. Only love, brotherhood and toleration can save our modern civilization, not technology alone. This book is written during Russia-Ukraine to promote brotherhood and educate fellow human beings to take care of our present civilization and save it from destruction and annihilation like old civilizations.