Author : Photina Rech
Category : Bread
Publisher : LiturgyTrainingPublications
ISBN : 1568541899
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Examines Christian writings for what they teach about the eucharistic elements.

Author : Jane Welch Williams
Category : Art
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
ISBN : 0226899136
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Page book : 400

At Chartres Cathedral, for the first time in medieval art, the lowest register of stained-glass windows depicts working artisans and merchants instead of noble and clerical donors. Jane Welch Williams challenges the prevailing view that pious town tradesmen donated these windows. In Bread, Wine, and Money, she uncovers a deep antagonism between the trades and the cathedral clergy in Chartres; the windows, she argues, portray not town tradesmen but trusted individuals that the fearful clergy had taken into the cloister as their own serfs. Williams weaves a tight net of historical circumstances, iconographic traditions, exegetical implications, political motivations, and liturgical functions to explain the imagery in the windows of the trades. Her account of changing social relationships in thirteenth-century Chartres focuses on the bakers, tavern keepers, and money changers whose bread, wine, and money were used as means of exchange, tithing, and offering throughout medieval society. Drawing on a wide variety of original documents and scholarly work, this book makes important new contributions to our knowledge of one of the great monuments of Western culture.

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Author : Daniela Ana
Category : Social Science
Publisher : Berghahn Books
ISBN : 9781800733428
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Page book : 198

Based on ethnographic work in a Moldovan winemaking village, Wine Is Our Bread shows how workers in a prestigious winery have experienced the country’s recent entry into the globalized wine market and how their productive activities at home and in the winery contribute to the value of commercial terroir wines. Drawing on theories of globalization, economic anthropology and political economy, the book contributes to understanding how crises and inequalities in capitalism lead to the ‘creative destruction’ of local products, their accelerated standardization and the increased exploitation of labour.

Author : Herbert von Bugenhagen
Category : Cooking
Publisher : BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN : 9783741259258
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Page book : 314

500 leckere Brot- und Backrezepte aus meiner Bordküche, für Maschine und Handherstellung.

Author : John Cosin
Category : Bishops
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Author : John McClintock
Category : Theology
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ISBN : UCAL:B3949207
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Author : Hugh Latimer
Category : Reformation
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Author : Saint Thomas Aquinas
Category : Religion
Publisher : Aeterna Press
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There is a very beautiful treatise of St. Thomas Aquinas on the adorable Sacrament of the Altar. It is hard to know which to admire more, the fulness and precision of its arrangement, or the way in which he brings in the words of the Holy Ghost from the Sacred Scriptures. From this treatise, and nearly always in its very words, I have arranged these Meditations for the Servants of the Holy Ghost. In fact, all that was needed was to number or letter the divisions of the book so that they could be easily seen. The prayers and thanksgivings I have added. I have put the teaching of the Saint by itself, and the words of the Holy Ghost by themselves. In this I have only carried out what St. Thomas has himself done in the treatise. For the more part he has, after stating and explaining his points, put the texts by themselves, referring to the first point, the second point, the third point, and so on. Putting them all together, therefore, is only carrying out what this Angelic Saint has done. Aeterna Press

Author : A. M. Wilson
Category : Drinking in the Bible
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ISBN : CORNELL:31924084425119
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Page book : 400

Having been a teetotaler for more than thirty years, the author's personal habits, associations, and sympathies have all been in favor of the unfermented theory; but the facts encountered in the present investigation have constrained him, reluctantly, to conclude that, so far as the wines of the ancients are concerned, unfermented wine is a myth. - Preface.