Author : G. Richard Shell
Category : Business & Economics
Publisher : Penguin
ISBN : 9781101221372
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BRAND NEW FOR 2019: A fully revised and updated edition of the quintessential guide to learning to negotiate effectively in every part of your life "A must read for everyone seeking to master negotiation. This newly updated classic just got even better."—Robert Cialdini, bestselling author of Influence and Pre-Suasion As director of the world-renowned Wharton Executive Negotiation Workshop, Professor G. Richard Shell has taught thousands of business leaders, lawyers, administrators, and other professionals how to survive and thrive in the sometimes rough-and-tumble world of negotiation. In the third edition of this internationally acclaimed book, he brings to life his systematic, step-by-step approach, built around negotiating effectively as who you are, not who you think you need to be. Shell combines lively stories about world-class negotiators from J. P. Morgan to Mahatma Gandhi with proven bargaining advice based on the latest research into negotiation and neuroscience. This updated edition includes: This updated edition includes: · An easy-to-take "Negotiation I.Q." test that reveals your unique strengths as a negotiator · A brand new chapter on reliable moves to use when you are short on bargaining power or stuck at an impasse · Insights on how to succeed when you negotiate online · Research on how gender and cultural differences can derail negotiations, and advice for putting relationships back on track

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Bargaining is a part of daily life. But what makes a skilled negotiator? In the third edition of Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People (2014), professor and author G. Richard Shell outlines a systematic and thoughtful framework for successful negotiation strategies based on insights into human psychology… Purchase this in-depth summary to learn more.

Author : Steve Gates
Category : Business & Economics
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 9781119155515
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Winner! - CMI Management Book of the Year 2017 – Practical Manager category Master the art of negotiation and gain the competitive advantage Now revised and updated, the second edition of The Negotiation Book will teach you about one of the most important skills in business. We all have to negotiate at some point; whether in the office or at home and good negotiation skills can have a profound effect on our lives – both financially and personally. No other skill will give you a better chance of optimizing your success and your organization's success. Every time you negotiate, you are looking for an increased advantage. This book delivers it, whilst ensuring the other party also comes away feeling good about the deal. Nothing will put you in a stronger position to build capacity, build negotiation strategies and facilitate negotiations through to successful conclusions. The Negotiation Book: Explains the importance of planning, dynamics and strategies Will help you understand the psychology, tactics and behaviours of negotiation Teaches you how to conduct successful win-win negotiations Gives you the competitive advantage

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Author : Guy Olivier Faure
Category : Conflict management
Publisher : Editions Publibook
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Quoi de plus complexe mais aussi de plus "quotidien" que la négociation ! "Peut-on parler de LA négociation en général ou faut-il parler DES négociations au pluriel" ? Voilà la question centrale des débats de la Première Biennale Internationale de la Négociation sur le thème "La négociation décloisonnée" organisée par NEGOCIA, Centre international de formation à la vente et à la négociation commerciale de la Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris, en coopération avec le LEARN (Laboratoire d'Etudes Appliquées et de Recherche sur la Négociation de l'ESC Lille) et le GFN (Groupe Français de la Négociation). Cet ouvrage collectif qui s'adresse à un large public - universitaires, chercheurs, diplomates, praticiens d'entreprises... - s'inscrit dans le prolongement de cette manifestation. Il rassemble les communications les plus représentatives et les plus novatrices présentées pendant le colloque, réparties en quatre thèmes servant de fil conducteur à la réflexion : systèmes de la négociation ; résolution de conflits ; concepts et pratiques ; points de vue et controverses. Son ambition, comme celle des débats dont il se fait l'écho, est de croiser et de confronter les points de vue interdisciplinaires (psychologie, ethnologie, linguistique, sémiologie, histoire...) et de contribuer ainsi à décloisonner la recherche sur la négociation et à lui donner un nouvel élan. Cette ouverture s'est poursuivie lors de la deuxième Biennale organisée sur le thème "Négociation et transformations du monde" (NEGOCIA, 17 & 18 novembre 2005) ; car le domaine de la négociation se révèle être un champ fécond pour la recherche par ses multiples applications, par les compétences qu'elle requiert, cette pratique, cette science, cet art, rassemble et divise tout à la fois selon l'importance des enjeux, la variété des interactions ou la culture des acteurs en présence.

Author : Lisa J. Downs
Category : Career development
Publisher : American Society for Training and Development
ISBN : 9781562865368
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Quickly create half-day, full-day, and multi-day workshops on improving negotiation skills - a five-step process: analysis, preparation, communication, proposal, and commitment. Each step requires employing specific skills and some people may move through the process more quickly than others. The book will help facilitator's help learners recognize strengths and weaknesses as well. This title also includes downloadable companion materials of ready to use presentations, tools, and assessments.

Author : Jay Folberg
Category : Law
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The purchase of this ebook edition does not entitle you to receive access to the Connected eBook on CasebookConnect. You will need to purchase a new print book to get access to the full experience including: lifetime access to the online ebook with highlight, annotation, and search capabilities, plus an outline tool and other helpful resources. Designed to prepare law students to negotiate knowledgably and successfully as lawyers representing clients, Lawyer Negotiation: Theory, Practice, and Law, Fourth Edition features an integrated approach that combines theory, skills, negotiation strategy, ethics, and law. A sleek, readable, and lively text for any law school Negotiation course, this book reflects the authors’ experience as negotiators, mediators, ADR teachers, and trainers. Interesting notes, thoughtful problems, provocative questions, and new video resources throughout the text raise practical negotiation challenges and policy issues. The focus is on negotiating legal claims and issues on behalf of clients. Previous editions have proven popular because of the very readable and lively text, interesting notes, thoughtful problems, and provocative questions that raise practical negotiation challenges and issues, which are updated in this new edition. Carefully curated excerpts from other leading authors are included, allowing for diverse ideas to be presented on negotiation techniques and eliminating the need for supplemental material. Vivid examples are included from real cases and literature, which bring negotiation concepts and applications to life. The book is designed for experiential, interactive teaching utilizing provided role-plays, exercises, problems, and streaming video examples. In addition to direct negotiation, how to advantageously use assisted negotiation in the form of mediation advocacy is included. New to the Fourth Edition: Fresh material and perspective benefiting from a new co-author Each chapter has been updated with new insights and examples More video-based examples, problems, and resources—linked video excerpts can now be streamed showing different negotiation styles and techniques Streamlined presentation of outside excerpts Greater coverage of distance negotiation, including email and remote contexts Increased focus on #MeToo, gender, social activism, historical inequities, anti-racism, cultural and style differences, online negotiation, technological advances, and other crucial issues affecting negotiation and dispute resolution today Excerpts have been condensed or summarized to shorten reading assignments, allowing more time for experiential learning Professors and student will benefit from: Step-by-step organization and readings designed to be used as part of an active experiential class without sacrificing the deep knowledge expected in a law school course Informal writing style, interesting examples, practical advice, and thought-provoking questions, all written specifically for law students who will soon represent clients as negotiators Practice-based approach which helps students apply the concepts Exercises and accompanying role-plays that facilitate classroom discussion Assessment tools to aid in student learning and understanding Videos that show experienced lawyers, negotiators, and mediators performing role plays

Author : Charles Warner
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The must-have resource for media selling in today’s technology-driven environment The revised and updated fifth edition of Media Selling is an essential guide to our technology-driven, programmatic, micro-targeted, mobile, multi-channel media ecosystem. Today, digital advertising has surpassed television as the number-one ad investment platform, and Google and Facebook dominate the digital advertising marketplace. The authors highlight the new sales processes and approaches that will give media salespeople a leg up on the competition in our post-Internet media era. The book explores the automated programmatic buying and selling of digital ad inventory that is disrupting both media buyers and media salespeople. In addition to information on disruptive technologies in media sales, the book explores sales ethics, communication theory and listening, emotional intelligence, creating value, the principles of persuasion, sales stage management guides, and sample in-person, phone, and email sales scripts. Media Selling offers media sellers a customer-first and problem-solving sales approach. The updated fifth edition: Contains insight from digital experts into how 82.5% of digital ad inventory is bought and sold programmatically Reveals how to conduct research on Google Analytics Identifies how media salespeople can offer cross-platform and multi-channel solutions to prospects’ advertising and marketing challenge Includes insights into selling and distribution of podcasts Includes links to downloadable case studies, presentations, and planners on the Media Selling website Includes an extensive Glossary of Digital Advertising terms Written for students in communications, radio-TV, and mass communication, Media Selling is the classic work in the field. The updated edition provides an indispensable tool for learning, training, and mastering sales techniques for digital media.

Author : Jeanette Nyden
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Are you getting results the results you deserve at the bargaining table? You deserve a great deal but you will have to negotiate for it. Big deal negotiators know the rules to winning great deals without sacrificing their bottom-line. They know how to: Uncover hidden agendasEffectively negotiate price Demand and define tradeoffs Use influence to their advantage Manage power imbalances You can too. Negotiation Rules! is packed with dozens of relevant and practical techniques that will help you successfully negotiate your next big deal. You can't play the game if you don't know the rules!" - Professor G. Richard Shell, author of Bargaining for Advantage and The Art of Woo I know from experience that the concepts and techniques in Negotiation Rules! work. - MaryPat Theiler Cheng, Vice President, Netstar Communications, Inc. Grab this book before your competitors do! - Lee B. Salz, CEO of Business Expert Webinars and author of the award-winning book Soar despite Your Dodo Sales Manager Negotiation Rules! should be on every Sales Professional's reading list. By following the approach in this book you will close BIGGER deals, create happier customers, and ultimately bring home a bigger paycheck. - Jeb Blount, author of Power Principles and Sales Guy's 7 Rules for Outselling the Recession

Author : Richard E. Walton
Category : Collective bargaining
Publisher : Cornell University Press
ISBN : 0875461794
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In this book, Walton and McKersie attempt to describe a comprehensive theory of labor negotiation. The authors abstract and analyze four sets of systems of activities which they believe account for much of the behavior found in labor negotiations. The first system of activities, termed "distributive bargaining," comprises competitive behaviors that are intended to influence the division of limited resources. The second system is made up of activities that increase the joint gain available to the negotiating parties, referred to as "integrative bargaining." They are problem-solving behaviors and other activities which identify, enlarge and act upon the common interests of the parties. The third system includes activities that influence the attitudes of the parties toward each other and affect the basic relationship bonds between the social units involved. This process is referred to as "attitudinal structuring." The fourth system of activities, which occurs as an integral aspect of the inter-party negotiations, comprises the behaviors of a negotiator that are meant to achieve consensus within one's own organizations. This fourth process is called "intra-organizational bargaining." Each sub process has its own set of instrumental acts or tactics. Therefore, each of the four model chapters is followed by a chapter on the tactics which implement the process. These chapters translate the model into tactical assignments and include an abundance of supporting illustrations from actual negotiations. This study should be of interest to several audiences, including students and teachers of industrial relations, social scientists interested in the general field of conflict resolution, as well as practitioners of collective bargaining and other individuals directly involved in international negotiations. The overall theoretical framework has been derived by a mixture of inductive and deductive reasoning. Extensive fieldwork and several dozen printed case studies have provided the bulk of the empirical data. In terms of meaning, the study has three touchstones: the field of collective bargaining; the field of conflict resolutions; and the underlying disciplines of economics, psychology, and sociology.