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* Our summary is short, simple and pragmatic. It allows you to have the essential ideas of a big book in less than 30 minutes. By reading this summary, you will discover the concept of anti-fragility which allows you to face shocks, fluctuations and stress. You will also discover : that antifragility systems are part of your daily life; that to be antifragile, a system must generate more gains than losses; that shocks and fragility are sometimes good things; that if you focus too much on the causes of an event, you miss the real solutions; that you have to free yourself from theories and academic knowledge; that you need to respect others and the lessons of the past to become anti-fragile. Fragility is a concept that everyone thinks they have mastered. But how to define its opposite? Is it robustness? Well no, not quite! Might as well cut to the chase... the word for the opposite of "fragile" doesn't exist in any language. "Antifragile" fills this gap. An innovative concept, anti-fragile allows people and systems to improve under the effect of shock or stress. By putting into practice the methods of this summary, you will learn how to analyze a potentially destabilizing event and how to deal with it. So, are you ready to become anti-fragile? *Buy now the summary of this book for the modest price of a cup of coffee!

Author : Tony Bendell
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Every day human organisations fail. Building Anti-Fragile Organisations explores a powerful alternative framework for risk in the design and management of human systems. Anti-Fragility is a new way of thinking about mitigating risk that builds on earlier work on the characteristics of biological systems that, being more than just robust, actually improve their resilience through being stressed. Professor Bendell explains how applying this concept to the development and management of organisations, services and products, allows us to identify the characteristics that will not only mitigate against the realisation of hazards, but enable growth in protection, strength and anti-fragility over time. In this context, anti-fragility also encompasses flexibility, agility and the exploitation of opportunities. At the organisational level, anti-fragility (or its absence) is determined by the organisational strategy, structure and systems, its people, relationships and culture. The book focuses on establishing the Anti-Fragile concept of the firm, and explores its application in private and public sector organisations of all types. It identifies characteristics relevant to survival in a turbulent world, and how our approaches to risk and governance need to change in order to create and manage anti-fragile organisations. It provides practical insight into the concept of Anti-Fragility and its deployment within human organisations of all types, and give readers the opportunity to start to make sense to applying the concepts within their own worlds.

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“Luca’s book was so helpful to my work. Opened my eyes up to some more reasons why change is so hard.”– Chris Murman on Luca's first book. This book is for you if: - You like books dense of information - You appreciated books such as Taleb's Antifragile - You understand or are willing to accept that the world is dynamic, and that understanding how something changes is more important than understanding how something works now. - You do not like usual business/self-help books which provide solutions which only work in the short-term - You understand that some effort is needed in order to achieve long-lasting improvement This book is not for you if: - You are easily triggered by ideas you do not like - You want a simple book which will magically solve all your problems "The Power of Adaptation" focuses on the topic of adaptation as the main force shaping the world as we know it. However, adaptation is an emergent process and thus cannot be understood with narratives nor it can be acted upon directly. This book aims to describe the basic phenomena which weave together into what we perceive as adaptation and to provide a guide to help the readers practicing the four behaviors that will help him harness, rather than fight, change.

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This volume constitutes the proceedings of NetSci-X 2020: the Sixth International School and Conference on Network Science, which was held in Tokyo, Japan, in January 2020. NetSci-X is the Network Science Society’s winter conference series that covers a wide variety of interdisciplinary topics on networks. Participants come from various fields, including (but not limited to): mathematics, physics, computer science, social sciences, management and marketing sciences, organization science, communication science, systems science, biology, ecology, neuroscience, medicine, as well as business. This volume consists of contributed papers that have been accepted to NetSc-X 2020 through a rigorous peer review process. Researchers, students, and professionals will gain first-hand information about today’s cutting-edge research frontier of network science.

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Competition, the drive for efficiency, and continuous improvement ultimately push businesses toward automation and later towards autonomy. If a business can operate without human intervention, it will minimize its operational cost. If Uber can remove the expense of a driver with an autonomous vehicle, it will provide its service cheaper than a competitor who can’t. If an artificially intelligent trading company can search, find, and take advantage of some arbitrage opportunity, then it can profit where its competitors cannot. A business that can analyze and execute in real-time without needing to wait for a human to act, is a business that will be able to take advantage of brief inefficiencies from other markets or businesses. This trend following a thesis that is based on 100 years of proven economic theory. Short-wave economic cycles, those 5- to 10-year cycles, are driven by credit but the long-wave economic cycles, those 50- to 60-year cycles, are driven by technological revolution. We’ve had 5 cycles over the past 200 years with the last wave, the Age of Information & Telecommunications. We've seen evidence that a new cycle has begun. Technological revolutions come by way of a cluster of new innovations. About a decade ago, you started to see AI, robotics and IoT (sensors) delivering on automation. That’s been powerful, but not transformational. It does not force businesses to fundamentally change how they do business. The last piece of the puzzle was cryptocurrency because it allows us to process and transfer economic value without human intervention. Soon, there will be a global race to build autonomous operations. Businesses and organizations without autonomous operations simply will not be able to compete with those that do because … autonomy is the ultimate competitive advantage. Crypto is the mechanism that will accrue value from being the infrastructure for the next digital financial revolution. Crypto Asset Investing lays out a case that we’ve begun a new technological revolution similar to the Internet Age of the 1990’s. Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robotics and cryptocurrency are converging to deliver on a new age, what I call the Age of Autonomy. Understanding the transformation that’s taken place before anyone else can yield enormous investment opportunity. In this book, you’ll learn how and why to invest in crypto assets.

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This book provides a uniquely adaptable approach to develop awareness (of self, others and one’s environment) of self-leadership through real behavioral change. Through neuroscience, psychology and behavioral science approaches, each chapter will help readers make their learning and development personal and take it to a deeper level. With a tip of the hat to the gamebook format where you choose your adventure, readers are encouraged to take an original online self-assessment quiz to determine the challenges and priorities they are presently facing. The quiz then provides a suggested reading order of chapters to address these growth areas. Each of the 18 chapters explores a different theme related to self-leadership and are written in such a way that one can read them in any order. Filled with practical activities, reflective questions and personal anecdotes, Bosnick encourages readers to understand behavior from the "inside-out" of neuroscience and how the brain works, while also keeping an eye on the "outside-in:" how we understand others and how others see us. Combining research-backed principles with tried-and-tested exercises, this is a book tailored for leaders of all levels, professionals in a transitory phase of their career, as well as those just starting out in the working world.

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“A SUPERB book [...] by one of the profound thinkers in our field [behavioral economics].” – Michal G. Bartlett on the second edition “Luca’s book was so helpful to my work. Opened my eyes up to some more reasons why change is so hard.” – Chris Murman on the first edition “So insightful with common sense applications of complexity and the ability to communicate clearly!!” – Bob Klapetzky Seen on Nudgestock. Reviews of Luca Dellanna's previous books "Absolutely brilliant." – Alberto Pisanello "A very thoughtful piece of writing, deep and wiring!" – David Krejca "A thoughtfully written book in very straightforward language." – A.L. Peevey "Very good book. Read it in in two evenings. Great insights straight to the point (not the usual self-help babble). Highly recommended." "One of the best works I have read in that matter (I have read a few) and it's surprising how realistically he depicts the condition." – Manel Vilar (on Luca's book on autism) "A profound, useful and insightful book" – Lorenzo Dragani THE BOOK At a first look, human behavior seems an inexplicable mess. Why do we behave irrationally? Why is change so hard? What is happiness and why does it seem to escape us? The Control Heuristic offers a new perspective to answer these questions and provides a guiding light to understand the subconscious processes that guide our behavior. Luca Dellanna, author of 5 books, writes here a revealing journey into the true motivations for human behavior. Understanding how the human mind really works is the first step to personal change. Suddenly, the frustrating becomes clear and the complex becomes simple.

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The majority of the world's population now live in cities, nearly a quarter of which boast populations of one million or more. The rise of globalisation has granted cities unprecedented significance, both politically and economically, leading to benefits and problems at national and international levels. The Handbook of Emerging 21st-Century Cities explores the changes that are occurring in cities, and the impacts that they are having, at the local, national and global scale.

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The purpose of DIGITAL MASTER is to envision the multidimensional impact that digital philosophy, technology, and methodology will have on the future of business and human society. In today’s overly complex, hyperconnected, and interdependent business dynamic, Digital Masters – the highly mature organizations – not only apply the most advanced digital technology into their business management disciplines but, more importantly, they orchestrate the harmonized digital symphony across all key business arenas, from shaping the digital mindset to building the high performing organization: • Develop visionary digital leadership • Shape open and creative digital mindsets • Craft and execute a holistic digital strategy • Advocate digital innovation next practices • Refine a highly effective enterprise culture • Optimize high-performing business capabilities • Explore data-rich digital Intelligence • Unleash enriched digital talent potential • Pursue high level digital maturity