Author : Jacob S. Hacker
Category : Business & Economics
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 9781451667837
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 464

Introduction : prosperity lost -- Coming up short -- The great divide -- The trouble with markets -- How America got rich -- "An established and useful reality" -- American amnesia -- We're not in Camelot anymore -- This is not your father's party -- The modern robber barons -- A crisis of authority -- Conclusion : the positive-sum society.

Author : Helen E. Krieble
Category : Political Science
Publisher : Encounter Books
ISBN : 9781641772815
Type book : PDF & Epub
Page book : 116

People are who they are because of what they have been through, where they came from, who they learned from, and all the things that have happened to them. The same is true not just for individuals, but also for families, communities, and nations. America, too, has its own unique character, also formed by its memories, history, things it has been through, and what it has learned. If people, communities, or even nations lose their memory, they lose their character. That is why cultures throughout the world work at maintaining their identity and passing traditions along to future generations. But what if a nation purposely decides it no longer wants to remember its history? What if a country imposes amnesia on itself? Helen Krieble argues persuasively that this is precisely what has happened to America. It has lost the memory of its own founding principles, and the sacrifices made over the past 250 years to preserve them. The nation is losing its character. She writes that America cannot be preserved as “the last best hope of Earth” if its own people no longer understand why that is true and are no longer willing to do what it takes to preserve it. “The duties of citizenship are vitally important,” Krieble writes, “but they are not complicated. It is our duty, as the owners, to defend our freedom against all threats, and to pass it along to future generations undiminished.” Americans are failing in that duty, but Krieble says there is still time to cure our national amnesia. It begins with rebuilding our understanding of, and commitment to, those founding principles, regaining our national memory.

Author :
Category : Africa, Sub-Saharan
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ISBN : UVA:X006052117
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Page book : 666

Author : Elizabeth D. Samet
Category : History
Publisher : Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN : 9780374716127
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Page book : 241

“A remarkable book, from its title and subtitle to its last words . . . A stirring indictment of American sentimentality about war.” —Robert G. Kaiser, The Washington Post In Looking for the Good War, Elizabeth D. Samet reexamines the literature, art, and culture that emerged after World War II, bringing her expertise as a professor of English at West Point to bear on the complexity of the postwar period in national life. She exposes the confusion about American identity that was expressed during and immediately after the war, and the deep national ambivalence toward war, violence, and veterans—all of which were suppressed in subsequent decades by a dangerously sentimental attitude toward the United States’ “exceptional” history and destiny. Samet finds the war's ambivalent legacy in some of its most heavily mythologized figures: the war correspondent epitomized by Ernie Pyle, the character of the erstwhile G.I. turned either cop or criminal in the pulp fiction and feature films of the late 1940s, the disaffected Civil War veteran who looms so large on the screen in the Cold War Western, and the resurgent military hero of the post-Vietnam period. Taken together, these figures reveal key elements of postwar attitudes toward violence, liberty, and nation—attitudes that have shaped domestic and foreign policy and that respond in various ways to various assumptions about national identity and purpose established or affirmed by World War II. As the United States reassesses its roles in Afghanistan and the Middle East, the time has come to rethink our national mythology: the way that World War II shaped our sense of national destiny, our beliefs about the use of American military force throughout the world, and our inability to accept the realities of the twenty-first century’s decades of devastating conflict.

Author : Bruce Herschensohn
Category : History
Publisher : Beaufort Books
ISBN : 9780825305610
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Page book : 192

January 27th, 1973: the United States, South Vietnam, North Vietnam, and the Viet Cong sign the Paris Peace Accords, guaranteeing the right of self-determination to the South Vietnamese people. April 30th, 1975: President Duong Van Minh of South Vietnam announces the nation's unconditional surrender to the North, ending the decade-long conflict and enabling the merger of both countries into the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. What happened in two short years to cause such a dramatic reversal? In An American Amnesia, respected political commentator Bruce Herschensohn re-examines the incredible actions taken by the 94th Congress and by many American citizens which forced South Vietnam's surrender, an event that brought about immense tragedy for Southeast Asians and haunts our political landscape to this day. Drawing on notes, speeches, and writings from his own experiences in Southeast Asia, as well as in the United States Information Agency and in the White House, Herschensohn fills in important facts in that period of history and warns against the danger of succumbing to a similar voluntary amnesia in the future.

Author : Daniel Hack Tuke
Category : Clinical psychology
Publisher :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105010298888
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Page book : 672

Author : Pat Forbis
Category : Medical
Publisher : F A Davis Company
ISBN : UCAL:B4502593
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Page book : 516

A comprehensive reference for medical transcriptionists and possibly other health professionals. The main alphabetical listing of general terms is preceded by five subsections: street talk terms with short definitions, phobias listed alphabetically by clinical name, phobias listed alphabetically by the fear described, psychiatric and psychologic tests, and drugs and chemicals. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Author : George W. Johnson
Category : Political Science
Publisher : Springer
ISBN : UOM:39015030801107
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Includes indexes.

Author : Stephen Bertman
Category : Social Science
Publisher : Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN : 027596230X
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Page book : 198

"Applying the metaphor of Alzheimer's disease to our national state of mind, Bertman offers a chilling prognosis for our country's future unless radical steps for recovery are taken. ... [He] looks beyond the classroom to the larger social forces that conspire to alienate Americans from their past: a materialistic creed that celebrates transience and disposability, and an electronic faith that worships the present to the exclusion of all other dimensions of time."--Jacket.

Author : Mary Ann D'Onofrio
Category : Psychiatry
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ISBN : UOM:39015041753792
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Page book : 668